The Game Awards 2014


Evolve is a nominated title :slight_smile: let’s hope they win something !!

Watch live:


Woo! Go Evolve! Best of luck!


I’m still shocked Alien Isolation is doing as well as it seems to be :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t get me wrong, if it was a different creature it would be great, but it’s a terrible Alien game :stuck_out_tongue:


Most of those titles are pretty good :slight_smile: But i know evolve will/must win one!

( i’ll edit the winners in the main post if i have enough time, it starts in 1 hour and 20 min >.< 3 am for me )


Fingers crossed!


Im calling shadow of mordor Goty. but inquisition cud very well get it.


I could see shadow of mordor winning Goty, one of the best games on the list and i have not played it yet :slight_smile:


Am I missing something here? I’m kind of surprised we’re on there…we haven’t released yet.
I mean, we can’t really be Game of the Year 2014 when we’re releasing in 2015. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But hey, not gonna complain about being on the list!


The Big Alpha was just THAT good :smiley:


It started for anyone wondering :slight_smile: ( tired as hell but worth it )


I think it’s for most anticipated game of 2015 if i remember correctly :slight_smile:


Ahhhhh. That would make more sense. Woot! Hope we win then! :blush:


Witcher 3 won most aniticipated game :frowning:

But i gues being nominated is some good advertisement :slight_smile:


but but … Zelda!


Even though I agree with Witcher 3 being more anticipated, I never once understood the point of these things. Sure, it can be another notch in the game’s belt as “Noninated” or “Won” from a tallying standpoint, but ultimately, who the [radio edit] cares if one company rates a game you do or don’t like as best? It’s really all about your OWN personal list; that’s the only one that matters.

GameSpot releases TOP X lists all the time, and the vast majority I disagree wholeheartedly with. It’s one thing to say “Here’s a Top 10 list sorted by something tangible” like games sold or profits made. But when they say “Most Anticipated” or “Best”, I hear myself think “Who the fuck do you think you are to tell me what’s BEST or what I anticipate most?”

Besides, these places never get a complete cross-sampling of gamers. There may be 10M gamers, and they took in 15K votes. Wow! One tenth of 1 percent, and that makes it globally true eh?

Personally, I’m most anticipated for The Witcher 3. If I were to award Evolve anything personally, it would be “Best Underdog”. They came out of nowhere “from me” and got themselves solidly on my radar. It’s sad though that Evolve released information about the game sporadically (I understand why), but my buying habits and thoughts on the game have changed significantly (more and more in favor) as more info was released. Nature of the beast I guess.


But if they fail I’ll be first to yell denied


Dat Witcher 3 trailer, dat Zelda gameplay, dat Bloodborne co-op video.

Can’t hold all dis hype.


I know right! Throughout the year, we have had games that were hyped like no other from the outset (Titanfall, Watch_Dogs, Destiny) and then they ended up being crocks of shit ( compared to what they were promised to be, anyway), only making their money back from people who expected the game to be a truly ground breaking experience.

Evolve, on the other hand, appeared relativley out of nowhere and has suddenly become one of THE most popular games in the AAA market, not by making empty promises or spending 99% of their budget on Doritos and Mountain Dew adverts, but by actually being a great fucking video game!!

@MacMan, @SlabOMeat, and to everybody else at Turtle Rock Studios, I wish the best for the future of Evolve and I hope (though improbable) that Evolve with be remembered throughout video game history (in one way or another).

Happy Hunting

Edit: Sorry if I made that a little too long. That just really needed to be said IMO.


This is short compared to some people posting haha :slight_smile:


I think for being a new IP they are doing really well. I also totally agree about marketing. I feel that if you dumped that money from marketing to fixing your game it goes much further. The problem is that most people see better than they think and so marketing is a way to get people to buy games (and other stuff to) that they normally wouldn’t because it’s crap.

I tend to find that the products/games with the most amount of marketing tend to be shitty because they can’t rely on the game’s merits themselves.