The future of Lazarus


everyone says he’s UP, some say he’s just super skill-based, what do you think? what changes should be made?

here’s my suggestion: his heal burst should also fill his jetpack (but nobody else’s) so he can swoop in to res and get out again. this would also help when running from the monster if you’re the last one left. of course, im no dev, so this might be a horrible idea, idk.

I know this has been done before, but i’m not screaming UP, just giving a tentative suggestion.



Sounds interesting to give him the slight jetpack. ^.-


Laz needs buff
1000% x cloak recharge speed, unlimited cloaking
No cool downs
Unlimited jet pack
Laz device can reach from across the map


Could be interesting. Definitely should be useful. I hear he’s got a good following for people who take him when sunny is around. She’s a medics lord and savior.


Then it would contradict the purpose of healing burst. Seeing as Laz will always be focus, it’s no doubt Laz players will constantly be saving the burst for those moments of focused attacks. I suggest having his burst recharge faster.


I think he’s fine. He just requires a different style.


He currently requires tremendous team support to play. Which is why he’s not chosen in pro matches (then again, less than half the characters in the game are chosen). Monsters ability to destroy solo targets makes it harder for the whole team combined with his relative lack of healing.

He’s another great attempt at having a very offensive healer. The only way I see him working well however is if you have Hank or Sunny to prevent all the damage to the team that Laz isn’t healing. And even then: Sunny because her jetpack booster is needed to survive.


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I think he is fine

Hard to use with randoms, but with a coordinated team can be really useful

Good Laz’s know how to keep a distance and not attempt revives while the monster is baiting
Good teams know they have to protect him at all costs if the monster targets him until his cloak is up again


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Laz synergies:

  1. Sunny: cloak cover for when Laz cloak is down, and jetpack boost to get to safety.
  2. Bucket: Provides punishment and defensive zones for Laz to work in.
  3. Hank: Provides punishment to monsters who camp Laz.
  4. Griffin&Maggi: Traps to save Laz from being chased.


10/10 Bravo



I like Laz in general, but would only modify a few things. Either make the healing burst regenerate a bit faster, or make the radius larger, like Slim’s does.

Or, I think the revivifier could be able to fully heal a teammate, not only revive. You’d of course have to be right on them to do so, so it wouldn’t be easy to use in combat, and of course, would have to recharge (maybe slower to help balance). Teammates could fall back to you for a better health pick-up than the burst, but then would also put you at risk for being found, so it’d have it’s balance. It’d make him slightly more useful, but would probably not be OP.


Increase the potency of his heal burst. Laz should never be involved in direct fights, but he should be able to heal the team rather quickly out of combat, and upping his heal burst strength will make him both more independent and more capable of quickly fixing team mates up between fights.


Laz has always been good to me as long as you don’t suck as playing as him


I’ve seen devs telling that he’d need some little adjustments, eventually.

However I don’t think that modifying his heal wave would help…