The Future Of Evolve


Afternoon guys.

Have a few enquiries for you, now let’s start of by saying you have delivered is a great game, there’s no doubt there. Very competitive gameplay and a learning curve to each map, monster and hunter.
Firstly, will you be adding any content to the game that rewards ongoing play? For example, unlockables beside the mastery perks. There’s absolutely nothing to aim for once the grind for elite has been achieved, even then the skins aren’t exactly anything great when in game under next to no light at all.
I feel as though 2K wants to bleed everyone dry for money than they do want us to play and become immersed into the game, I needn’t remind you the backlash this game has received by their poor judgement and power over this gem of a game.
Let’s just say… For the carnivore skin it should be awarded for eating 1,000 wildlife. Bog skin should be rewarded for taking next to no damage while in the dome and being successful at blending with the environment… You get the picture.
I love this game but I hate the direction it has taken on content, it could potentially be the fall of this game and if that is the case then may I say let that be a lesson learned.

Thanks again, keep up the good work!

This article should give you a good, educated guess on why these things are all paid. This is why it’s worth it for Valve to keep updating their games with cosmetic items - it makes enough money to push more updates and still profit.


What ever happened to people playing games just for fun? I simply don’t get this need for “progression” (levels, perks, prestige…etc…etc) most gamers have these days.


I do understand what you mean and their reasons behind it, I’m just wondering as everybody new that I try introduce the game to comes at me with these concerns.
I do defend the game but again I’d like to see other things to reward gameplay rather than paying to spice up your hunting lifestyle. Team fortress for example can get away with it because of its established fan base.
Now I love this game, I just fear for the expanding community.


You’re late if you’re concerned about hatred because of DLC skins. That happened, like, five days ago.


Ego or OCD are the only 2 reasons I can think of. I’m in the same boat as you on the subject.


I was just wondering where the game will be expanding in the future, if they are taking Into account the ongoing discussions of this issue. As I’ve said I love this game, I have no concerns as I have purchased the Bog skins for the monsters myself.
Just when I try to recommend the game to my friends or others this is the only problem they seem to have with a generally great game.


Well, there is going to be a huge surprise for all the uninformed, and that one will come with the first free map.

Anyways, I’m done here.


Very mysterious, I like it!


Yea, I do have some concerns about the longevity fer sure. I will level up most of the classes/characters to elite, but after that? We’ll see what happens with new maps.

I just don’t see this keeping up with the 400+hrs I put into games like GTA or Battlefield. And even with those, new perks, new weapons, many new maps (Battlefield) and new clothes, cars, on and on with GTA. And really, look at GTA, there are so many things one can do in that game… so much variety.

It’s only 1 week in and I am level 34 (40 is the cap no?) and am approaching elite on a few characters (just for the challenge, the skins are “meh”).

At very least methinks they should have all the evac modes in the skirmish… gonna get tired of hunt on the same maps real quick.

Oh and hey, those games also had a story mode (not that I cared one way or another, all about the multiplayer). I do love playin so far… I just wonder how long that’s gonna’ last.


Right, you see for those who say that they don’t understand why people need to go the extra mile to unlock things or get to a point where you are among few who can say they have played and achieved certain things, it’s not a matter of wanting to or having to, it’s a point of being able to, something that will keep you playing for those additional hours.
A reward system, sure you can play the game and enjoy it as it is now, but there isn’t any immediate sense of longitivety to stand on.
Just like TheGypsy said, it’s a case of having played this long so you deserve items and unlockables to show your playtime and dedication to one particular game, anyone at a glance can see you’re above the average in a competitive game and you have the trophies and medals to prove it, not simply purchasing that extra content.