The Fuller House Thread [Spoilers Allowed]


I love the show and this show so much!!!

I will die if this is cancelled


Show get’s cancelled



How dare you!!!


Just watched the first episode.

Nope. Sorry, can’t do it.

But, they renewed it for another season so I am in the minority!


You don’t like it or it made you cut onions?


Not a fan. I remember liking the original, but this just isn’t doing it for me.


Yea makes sense. I like it just for showing me how they all are doing in there grown up years.


I didn’t like it either. The focus was more on the dating of the girls (Which tbh makes the show too superficial) and not on the family. It doesn’t have the same vibe, or life lessons. It’s basically an excuse to try and show off girl power which isn’t what the original was about.


Wow didn’t think of it like that, but it does make sense