The forum fight thread!


alright before you say anything I got this approved by the mods

how this works: you challenge someone to a fight! you choose evolve weapons and so does the other person you challenge. I will make a poll and people will vote on who wins!! you can have any weapon except one hit kill ones :wink:

keep it pg
don’t threat people
be nice
if you hurt someone feeling apologize or I will get @Buckets_Sentry_Gun on ya!
you must ask first some people may not want to
have fun!

max vs torvald= max wins
Xplosion vs Xplosion= I don’t even know anymore
10shredder vs PietroTheCzar= sorry shredder I voted for ya but :sob: ya lost
crusd vs max and daisys= the daisys pull through!
giant squid thing vs everyone= squid for dinner I’ll let you figure it out :wink:
The man with the pancakes vs Max = I didn’t fall for his pancake trap sorry I ain’t Donkey from shrek
abomination me vs abomination squid= How could this happen to me! I forgot to come back! the world goes on as I forget this stuff

active guilds:
Maximum crew: 3 members 3 member spots left
spot open
spot open
spot open
spot open
here is how it works!
you ask to join someone guild if they say no then welp you are not in the guild but if they say yes you are.
guild members cannot fight each other unless it is the leader or it is for fun which they have to say it is.
if you want to be a guild leader you either have to beat the guild leader of your group (which you don’t say for fun) or ask me to make one for you. The Max is 5 right now until we get more people and there is already 1 guild.
one guild can fight the other which results in the guild that lost being taken down


And you will make Bob upset.
Bob is gentle.
Bob is lovely.
But don’t get Bob upset!


@Maximumlimit15 I challenge you!

(Torvald’s kit)

I am dooooooooooom!


Btw, could you make an example pls? Just to make everything clear :wink:


I challenge myself… To a duel…

Step 1: c4
Step 2: kraken
Step 3: impractical implosions
Step 4: DQ icecream cake
Step 5: win


Also: are thunder chickens considered weapons of mass destruction? If so, i fight @10shredder00 with thunder chickens buahahahaha


this doesnt seem like its gonna work the way you intend


Nothing ever does :kraken_stare:


Nice job putting Kraken in there.


I thought I could pick a fight with TRS. I could bet my account and in-game ban for T9 hunters.


Is the weapons and stuff restricted to evolve only?





So we have to make a poll for each fight?


well I can make it for ya! so can the mods


So then, @10shredder00 do you accept the duel?
Remember, i have the thunder chickens on my side buahahah


Remember to vote people!


Also i recomend you to quote the opponent’s weapon so we don’t have to scroll up and down to find his weapon


Lennox over Torvald?
Who are you people?


I just wanna be in a giant mech



Lennox Lovers obviously.