The For Honor thread


Thx. I’m never able to watch streams because of work =P


I have to say that they are very enjoyable. I can’t wait for the 16th. Centurion and Shinobi both actually look fantastic.


lol Shinobi looks like a real ninja and fights like a real ninja but he has the health pool of nerds pretending to be ninjas


Mfw only 12 dollars from being able to get the season pass.


I’d say it’s the other way around. Dual wielding Kusarigama aren’t even a feasible thing.


Centurion is fucking awesome tho i can get tons of kills in a round and only get like 1 or 2 deaths.

Centurion is hard my ass.


He’s pretty easy to play honestly. But I see him losing a lot of his effectiveness when people get used to fighting him. He’s very punishable when you avoid his attacks, and that combined with his low health will balance him out in the long run for sure.


How do i beat a lawbringer who basically just thinks vortexing is a legitimate strategy?


LB doesn’t have a vortex that actually functions to deal damage. So either wait until they run out of stamina, then retreat until your own comes back, or dodge their pushes/shoves/counter guard break.



My rep 5 Centurion! Got to rep 5 last night and just got the chest piece for this set a bit ago.


I neeeeeed to catch up on this gaaaaaame


The most important bit of recent info you need to know: dedicated servers incoming.


I saw that. If anything should motivate me to get back into the game, it’s that. That Ubisoft went so far as to do that in response to community complaint makes me have a little more respect for them. Unless it wasn’t their call, but I’d think it would be.


Dedicated servers, and Highlander class?! Count me back in.


Dedicated servers have just been announced. We don’t have an ETA on them yet, unfortunately.


Half in then?


So is the game going to be fixed? I love the art style and gameplay, it’s just been a mess however.


My internet’s good most of the time, so I don’t get crippling connection issues a whole lot; but it’s clear that other people do and I’m happy to see a chance for growth in this game. I don’t want FH to be the next Evolve–a brilliant, original title crippled by a single issue, and it all just spirals downward from there until the publisher kills it without even giving it a chance to bounce back.


I think I’ll give the game a second chance, season three looks like it might be the game I was hoping for.