The For Honor thread


Some sweet, sweet teaser vids.



when this comes out, i’m buying the centurion and not touching anything else.

/also kinda disapointed they didn’t do the roman rectangle shield


thumbs up


Here’s another one, but this one also includes some of the Shinobi.


I personally like Centurion’s execution better, but Shinobi’s isn’t bad.


But… I already posted a link to the teasers! T.T

But yeah. I’m really looking forward to the Centurion. He won’t replace my main, but he’ll be my new secondary.



So I figure I’m just too late to the party for this game. I loved the beta, but now I don’t know. I suck, and don’t seem to be improving. not having a good time. It’s just not clicking like it did in the beta for some reason. It’s probably on me but, oh well. RIP.


I feel like I’ve backslid a little myself. I think that’s really all it is. Apparently, we’re either getting level 4 bots or they were added when I wasn’t looking, so maybe that’ll be good practice. Or just pain, whichever applies.


It’s not you. People have learned combos that are just not fun and the game gets very boring fast imo.


I suggest playing through the campaign at the very least. It’s decent practice for getting down the basics.


An update from the stream today for anyone interested. The new maps are Temple Garden, and The Forge. Both coming for everyone at the start of season 2 on the 16th.

The stream also showed the full intro videos for each new hero. As well as some gear sets from the art phase. All in all a really solid stream.


Speaking of which…

Shock and surprise, the Centurion is a hybrid. I know that there are some people that take issue with him being a “knight,” but bear in mind that Apollyon mentions centurions in the campaign, and I think it’s not a stretch to think they’re actually the soldiers of one of her fellow warlords and aren’t from the original Roman empire, rather like how the other factions aren’t really part of the same civilization they take cues from, but derivatives of them. The trailer even refers to them in the past-tense due to them being more ancient than the other warriors in the game.


Devs mentioned in the previous stream that the empire located to the far south of where the game takes place sent the Centurion. So at least they give context.


Btw, season two is going to have all exp gains from matches increase by 25%! As well as 12 days of champion status.


I just realized Shinobi does the weeaboo run


Centurion is the discount Giant Dad


What feats you got bithc?

(Also, have some executions and emotes)


Any fix for Conquered?


If by fix you mean buff, then no. At least they haven’t mentioned one. Although they did mention that changes would come to him at some point.

Only buffs that are being brought up in tomorrow’s stream are related to raider.

@SQUARENecron devs confirmed that they are looking into some changes for Conqueror.