The For Honor thread


you mean Warden?


Friend got a new GPU and it comes with for honor. He doesn’t want it so he offers it to me. I’m about to explode when we realize that they just last month changed it so it does a hardware check on the computer before it installs. RIP.

We’re gonna try installing it on my Uplay account though. Hopefully that works. Now to wait tfor the GPU to show up.

Every minute without Shugoki, Raider, and conqueror in my life in a minute wasted.


Yes, I did.

Anyway, with regards to the stream, it could be said that the “problem moves” that stood out the most have been dealt with.

PK light attacks, Warden shoulder bash, and Shugoki’s Charge of the Oni are all getting nerfs.

Orochi is getting a buff. I believe he is the only buff incoming though.

No news on the new heroes, but I would pretty much assume we are guaranteed for an announcement next week.


I finally got it!


So I haven’t played for Honor in quite a while but I heard they destroyed my conqueror through nerfs.


That’s an exaggeration in a lot of ways, but shield bash isn’t safe anymore. Limits his options, but in a world of defensive meta, he’s not actually all that bad.


Huh, yeah it sounds like they were exaggerating but I’m still not happy about it. That was like his 1 opening move. With the lack of a faint and a decent Zone attack, it was nice to have.


So I haven’t played since beta, and I’ve been playing Shugoki. It feels like everyone has infinite stamina, but that’s shugoki for ya I guess. I’m going to need a ton of practice to catch up.


Well, his Zone attack also gives him his all defence stance. So it’s main use would probably be buying time in a 2v1 situation so a teammate can help you.


Zone attack does not give all defense automatically. You can use both at the same time though, and if you do use both at once your stamina lasts less than 4-5 seconds. Which needless to say isn’t a lot of time for help to arrive. The stamina would be better spent turtling and dodging if you are trying to draw time out for help.

Point being: zone attack is still pretty useless in a FIGHT.

Edit: honestly, I have a easier time in a 2v1 than a 1v1. Revenge gain by block, revenge gain by injury, and heal on block makes for a pain in the ass to kill. I have/had a clip of healing up almost all the way from no health in a 4v1.


If it’s not automatic, then that has changed since I last played. Because it definitely gave it to me last time I used him.


He has his own feint mechanic at least. What with being able to use fullguard to cancel attacks in the startup phase.

Like how Nobushi can cancel lights.


Canceling isn’t a feint. It’s a cancel. Feint is a fakeout to hide the real attack. If you have to strike a defensive pose between attacks that makes the second attack horribly slow and more of a do-over than a feint.

@Chromatic_Blue had to have been in the alpha then. I’ve played conq exclusively since the beta on Xbox.


It’s useful for provoking someone into heavy attacking your full guard. Which will cause them to flinch and give you a good setup to shield bash.

It’s about the safest thing a conqueror can do to gain combat momentum post nerf from what I’ve seen.


Which is crap because they can actually feint to cancel their counter and then attack back faster than the conq is able to after entering his defensive stance.
Hard for them to do? Yes. Impossible? No. It’s happened to me several times pre nerf. Attacking first with conq basically means throwing the fight against skilled opponents.


Nah, last I played was in Round 2 of the first season.


That’s about when I played last XD damn lack of servers.

But I just made a clip showing zone with and without the block. If you are interested.


So anyone else hear about Ubisoft getting bought out this year by vivendi?

IMO a lot of big games in this industry could very well be tiptoeing this same line soon, with all the BS they have been trying to pull over this current generation of gamers.

-pre-order for extra content.
-games are only half completed when released.
-Dlc shenanigan’s
-Limiting in game currency to artificially inflate gameplay length.

Even if it was just the forementioned problems, I still wouldn’t imagine gamers are going to put up with pre-ordering a half finished game, for half finished exclusives, with a confusing dlc structure which are also half finished, and you aren’t even supposed to be able to play/get all of it.


Next stream is noon EDT this thursday. Will be talking about upcoming season 2 content, and will most likely include the new character reveals.

Also, @Chromatic_Blue I miss you.

Oh, and just an FYI for everyone, the upcoming patch is stability focused and comes to console tomorrow.
Patch notes:


Vikings won!