The For Honor thread


In the previous leak, the streamer that the images came from was german, so some of the text was germanm but given that these are likely from a prerelease stage of development, much of the text is placeholder, and wouldn’t be translated at this time.

But like I said earlier, I don’t think this particular leak is real. For the previously stated reasons, and because the fourth tier feat in the image is the catapult, which is exclusive to the knight faction classes. While this would obviously be a viking class.


Just noticed, the emblem is the same. Suggests one of three things. Either it’s the same person, a photoshop, or a copy cat.


I figure it is just a photoshop. The imgur link from Reddit says the image was posted 18 days ago. Seems weird that it’d suddenly surface.


That seems the most likely, yeah.


Still, as far as potential classes go, I could think of worse. it looks like someone took parts from existing raider classes and mashed them together. It also has a completely visible face. Which would be a first.


If there’s one thing i hate in this game, it’s Orochi.


Parries are your best friend.


Ths picture was taken 10 minutes before the person who took it disappeared, help spread awareness.


I’ve seen higher. A week or so back I saw a 28 Warden. I’m sure they’ve hit cap by now.


it’s not the level, it’s the fact that the guy found a rep 25 PK that most likely banged his team into a paste.


5 days until we get the 2 new characters

fook yeh


You got a sauce for that?


Forgive me but I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Yes I know I’m stupid.


Probably means source, idk.


First I have heard of it, and I am aggressively on the FH subreddit, so I am confident I would know.

But the characters haven’t even been officially announced yet sooooo…




devs have already confirmed that in the event of a draw, the faction with the most war assets deployed wins.


hush, dun ruin the fun


See you all in… Hel.

Ba dum crash


Next stream is tomorrow. I am willing to bet we will be seeing the announcement of the new heroes.

It has also been confirmed that it is a stability focused patch. And that we will be seeing Peacekeeper light attack, Warlord Shoulder bash, and other nerfs.