The For Honor thread


I’ll be on tonight, yeah.


I just got a kill streak of 10, but DIDN’T complete the order for a killstreak of 8…


Just wanna throw out there that you should hold on to your scavanger crates and steel (currency whatever its called).
Starting from rep 3 with a character you start receiving mythic gear, which not only looks sexy, but also has much better stats.
I wasted my scavenger crates not knowing this. So much regret…


I managed to make it to Reputation 3 today, and I proceeded to spend over 12,000 steel that I had been saving up on scavenger crates. In addition to the 9 premium crates I had from the campaign.

Managed to get every piece of the unique peacekeeper weapon. And overall I am impressed by the quantity of different armor and weapon sets per character. I have 7 different purple tier chest pieces, and didn’t even manage to get the one I wanted that I had seen before… so I’ll only ending up buy more I guess. (good thing I stopped myself from buying anymore when I hit 6000 steel…)


Fun fact; PK lights are too fast for Shugokis, LBS and Nobushis to block. It takes these characters 23 frames to successfully switch stances, and it takes PK’s lights 24 frame to land. This is without sever lag.

I got this from Reddit.


As a peacekeeper main I actually have come to anticipate the light attack speed nerf. It’ll be great because I do pretty well without relying on it, and so many people will stop playing her when their one trick pony status gets revoked.

Kinda sorta the same thing with Warden and the vortex, but I don’t even play Warden.



Also 2 skeletons with hats confirmed for the next 2 heroes after deez boiz, and new “scrubmode” difficulty leaked

On a side note, I can’t figure out how to make Kensei do the thing where he cancels his overhead heavy into an uninterruptable side attack. I’ve tried everything–dicking around with key bindings, re-thinking what buttons I’m actually meant to press, the whole 9 yards. Nothing works. I either just cancel as normal or nothing happens.


Someone in the original reddit topic for this pointed out that the Centurion could be holding his weapon in his left hand, and that his right hand may have a caestus. If he is a sword and punch class, I would definitely play him as my vanguard, assuming he is one.


Dude, that would actually be the best thing ever. Also, the ninja looks a helluva lot like Scorpion from MK, AND he has chains, so we might expect a “GET OVER HERE”-esque ability from him. Perhaps he may have a feat that puts him in stealth, too.


I can confirm his tier one feat is stealth. PK has the same feat. Makes it so that you don’t have the shield icon above your head, and you don’t appear on the mini map.


You appear to be on PC, and I’m on console, but all I do to feint that is; while the Kensei is doing the top unblockable startup, I push towards the left or right guard and heavy again.


I’m trying to do that, but I can’t get it to work. What is the EXACT sequence of buttons you press? Like, heavy-cancel-side heavy?


I wouldn’t get too invested. Apparently during the recent livestream of the devs they stated an upcoming patch would remove the unblockable into an unblockable. It’s apparently not an intended feature.


Top heavy (When it would be unblockable, say after throwing someone in to a wall), (During the startup) move your mouse or joystick to the left or right and hit heavy again.

You sure? It’s not unblockable into unblockable; it’s unblockable into uninterruptible… I’m pretty sure it’s an intended mix up for Kensei. Isn’t this feint listed on his specialties list (To the left of his moveset after you pause)?

I don’t know if you were commenting on the Kensei thing or not so I replied anyways.


It might be a separate thing and I’m mistaken. Either way a comment along those lines was made, so idk if it is a different issue or not.


got the game, must say conquerer is one of my favorites.




This comes right outta the subreddit. Now, I’m aware that it might be fake, but if so, it’s a really damn good one, much like the Centurion and Ninja leaks (again, presuming they’re fake). Also, Sans and Papyrus are still confirmed for future heroes.


It looks like it is trying to mimic the earlier leaks, but this one lacks the different picture in the selection menu. I believe the previous Centurion and Ninja leak is real, but I don’t buy this one.


Why is some of it in English and some in what I assume is German?

I now see the first is the same.