The For Honor thread


Well, if you don’t search that long you’ll be paired with a Rep. Lvl. 8.


So I had a game last night where I was matched against an Orochi as a Conqueror…first game was what you could expect, he was dashing a lot and was using lots of light attacks so had me on the ropes soon. Fortunately I managed to force him into a corner with my shield bash where I managed to get some great combos going. Every time he tried to escape I would just shield bash him into the corner. Eventually I managed to win, mostly because he panicked.

Right after that they guy rage quit, and sent me a message complaining that I was just a scrub that only cheeses.

My apologies my friend that I only have 4-5 combos that a Conqueror can do, and that you can’t seem to dodge my shield bashes.


Until I get a new computer, I can’t play. I decided to see if the game could run on my computer, and it ‘could’ but…the fps would always dip just below the minimum fps requirement. So every match I did, I was kicked. That was my experience with both betas


Have a friend who’s gotten really good at that, and all it is is a step to the right times with the bash!

It’s funny, I’ve seen ragers on stream, have played with some people who just get really frustrated, and have had 3 hate messages sent my way so far.

There’s a counter to everything in the game! A way to get out of a bad situation, it’s about re-acting.

Some people just can’t handle it tho, They get too worked up to think straight for a minute.

I do have a mild concern that just by the nature of the game there’s going to be people yelling OP about every character just because they haven’t learned how to deal with them.


True, the thing with this game is you don’t only need to learn what the 12 characters can do, but how all 12 interact with each other. It’s very time consuming.

Not to mention you can’t fall into habits, otherwise a smart opponent will pick up on it and punish you.


Very much so! It’s crucial you know what’s in your opponents kit

I feel like frustration and lack of patience makes up for some of people’s issues with the game.

Not all, but some!

Also to quickly speak to the networking issues.
I’m on PS4 in Canada, have had very lil dropped matches, and very rarely have I had a wait time over 1 minute.

Also one of the buddies I play with didnsome research, and although it’s a peer to peer network, it’s different than others.
Wish I had the link, and I’ll try and get it later, but worth a read/listen if you have time to find it!



I feel like this add a lot of depth to a game that at a glance seems lacking in content, I really enjoy it!


Damn, I’ve been very lucky to not experience that at what seems to be a bad rate for others.
I hope they are able to fix it for those with big issues.

Apparently they’ve done something different with their peer to peer. Doesn’t seem to have made it better for people, wondering if it’s exasterbating the issue!

@BreezyStarfish17 Same here!
It also has a single player which I believe helps add some value to some (I haven’t even tried it)
I love Evolve still, I basically only play hunt haha so I’m easy to please if I love a game mode, and Inlove almost every single for HONOR one!


I like the trend in video games as of late to create a campaign that acts as the tutorial for the game. That way they can provide an interesting story and a world that the players can interact with.


The networking by Ubisoft in this game, is in no surprise to me; Ubishit.


I haven’t had many network problems with the game. Still love it though.


Your statement implies that the lack of network problems would be something that you dislike about the game…



How’s everyone keeping up so far?


I’m taking a break from it. All these orochi make the game unfun.


I’m still playing each day for a bit. Although like mentioned above Orochi spam is annoying I’m still having fun. Lawbringer reputation 3 and hit shugoki rep 2 yesterday. Conqueror still reputation 1.


Took a break for a few days because I didn’t feel much like playing anything. Gonna have to get back soon if I wanna not suck. I tried to pick up Zerk, and I’m thinking I’m gonna try PK, but I dunno, they don’t seem like my thing.


Pretty well. I am a couple of levels away from Rep 3, and then I can actually allow myself to buy scavenger crates.


By the way, you going to be playing tonight? I plan on getting on today, been sort of ignoring it for awhile.

Got Conqueror to Rep 1 though.