The For Honor thread


Good to know, thank you all for letting me know!
hadn’t seen these and will watch them before bed after for HONOR tonight!



Team Knights 4 lyfe!


For Honor=No Honor.


Like when I don’t throw you off the edge the whole match, then at the first opportunity you do.


No. I play away from ledges, you continuously push towards one.


I always thought that guard/pommel strike of Warden’s looked ridiculous. Hearing it was an actual thing, and the reasoning behind it, has given me some appreciation for it.


I thought the same thing, I was thinking it was just a theatric way of using your sword, and apparently it’s actually a common method of fighting! He has a whole video dedicated to half-swording if you’re interested in watching it. He even wacks a tire with a sword in it!


One time I straight up threw a person away from a ledge, only to have him toss me down one the next game :rage:


Yep. People have no respect.


What, you thought THAT was a weird maneuver?

What we really need is a knight who does this shit. I will be very dissatisfied if that does not immediately follow the ninja cliche and the angry Italian.


A lot of complaints about no dedicated servers?


Not if you only play duels :+1:


Even if you play duels. If the person you are dueling has a bad connection the duel can be hell.


Guess I’m lucky that hasn’t happened to me then


The nice thing about duels is that the odds of you having a bad connection with the other player is lower, as are the chances of you getting dropped because someone else leaves.


But, as we have seen, it also appears people can have an incompatible connection to each other, causing increased lag even when both players have an okay or better connection separately.


The only people in this game I think are truly terrible people, are the ones who spam side dodges.


I like Skallagrim, and I LOVE end him rightly. It’s a truly quality meme. Truly deadly.


I have disconnected from my previous… at least 5 matches. Probably more. No real reason. Just dropped from matches. It’s the thing about thing about this game I truly cannot stand. I love this game, but the lack of dedicated servers, and all the headaches that go with that, were why I didn’t intend to buy it at launch.


The matchmaking is getting really annoying. 50k people playing and I’ve been searching for a 1v1 for over 5 minutes.