The For Honor thread


They make me angry cause it feels so so cheap.


Orochi is so not useless.


yup, one of the stronger classes out there at the moment.

Very fast and agile, and great damage for that speed and agility.


Feinting is used primarily as a Way to get through a hard blocker or partner
if you’re fighting someone who’s just blocking, or going for a quick sidestep, it allows you to open them up.l for either a grab, or a quick strike.

Some characters can also feint into a different attack, which throws your oppents timing off.

It’s an excellent mind game piece.

The secondary to feinting is that you can make a quick block if you think your opponent has an opportunity during your strike.

It’s basically something nice in your pocket, don’t use it too often otherwise your opponent will start looking for it, I generally like to throw it in towards the ends of all battles.

So maybe the third match in for duels, or halfway through the dominion/elimination/skirmish.


Makes sense, thanks a lot!

Too bad my main can’t do it though :sob:


Can’t feint?


Yeah, the conqueror can’t feint. You can cancel the animations of his attacks though so it kinda serves the purpose


Ah, gotcha. At least you play a character that requires skill.


Fixed that for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Had an interesting case against a Lawbringer yesterday. They did a Heavy, I went to parry, they feinted, so I ended up doing a heavy instead. Hit them square in the face because they just tried to use the same attack again.

Not sure what he was thinking.



Well I think that speaks to making sure you know your follow up, which is an excellent point I didn’t make earlier!

The feint is part of your strategy! It’s not just a move for moves sake!
Although good for him to know what he was doing from a technical standpoint, not being forward thinking after the feint can do way more damage than good!

Always have a follow up, even if it’s a side step, the feint has to be used in accordance with a follow up, otherwise you can leave yourself super open, just like that lawbringer. (An add on note, not directed specifically at you @Chromatic_Blue)


So I just found out that if you parry a Lawbringer while being Lawbringer yourself you can’t immediately guard break them after, pretty annoying.


Been catching up on this thread, didn’t go super far back, but noticed some talk about the “history and such”

I’m no buff, and I certainly can’t debate anything historical.

Game theory did do an episode on this game, and he talks a bit about the history, and when exactly the game would have had to taken place!

Edit: The video itself is on who would win, but MatPat puts great detail into his videos, so there’s some interesting history there.

Also I’m really curious as to everyone’s faction!?


Well, now I know how to rule out when the game takes place.



Weaboo Trash.


Knights for the win ;p


The video was also horribly inaccurate and claimed to be a real historical analysis. It didn’t properly cover the actual strengths and weaknesses of either the real-world warriors FH is based on or the game’s interpretation of them. It sucks, like most of his content nowadays. The real answer as to which warrior is best lies in which individual would have the most skill, not simply whose equipment was best (a detail which MatPat fails to cover because Vikings actually had some very good weapons and mail armor, which isn’t what he says in the video).

Also, the Chosen would be fucked in FH’s war because they’re A. outnumbered 10-to-1 and B. in a really bad economic spot, since their upper-class warriors (the Samurai themselves) are using wooden armor, which they didn’t use IRL. Ergo, they only way they could win is if they George Washington’d it and played the long game by wearing down their enemies instead of outright fighting them.

Joined for the fat man, stayed for the fat man.




Just a little something that answers the question of what the fuck “GLEEEEYENTOOOEEEPEEENTAH” means.

EDIT: This has yet more.


Apparently Game Theory’s video didn’t bode well with the rest of the historical warfare community. Here are some videos that I watched and learned a lot when it comes to historical stuff!

Most of those videos are just them politely saying that Game Theory is wrong, but having it back up by facts. Plus their channels are really educational, I suggest checking it out!