The For Honor thread


Do you know how to counter guard break? Perhaps timing or a symbol? Nobody answer this cept for Shunty.


There’s a flash, a white flash, that covers the red symbol of a breaking shield. You hit the guardbreak button once you see that flash.


@Shunty You playing on PC? I’m interested in playing a few matches 1v1

:^) if you dare


No. I’m on PS4.



I swear no one wants to play me.


So I’m struggling learning in what situations it would be beneficial to feint, any tips?



10 Torvalds


I’m on PC. I’m new and bad and only know how to play 2 heroes, but hey, I’m still rockin’ it with a good ol’ mouse and keyboard. 1v1 me m8. Or we can team up and try to avoid getting a bunch of rocks for a team in Dongminion. Look for SirKektheDank.


Currently it was pushed back from the timing necessary during the beta to counter guardbreak, This introduced a glitch, and as a result the system is going to be reverting, so you’ll basically have to counter guardbreak the instant after they guardbreak, like in the betas.


Where do you get these notes at?


There was a reddit post from a Ubisoft representative that tells upcoming changes.


I heard some twitch streamers saying Shugoki is actually pretty high tier, maybe it just depends on the skill level


My homie is pro Shugoki but he can’t step up to my zerker game. Vikings 4 lyfe


I wasted my money on this game. I can’t even play the one character I enjoy because they’re so fucking useless.


My named weapon is so cool!!!


Obviously not everyone thinks that Orochi is bad:


Don’t let frustration cloud your judgement. I’d say let it be for a while and come back to it later and practice. That way you don’t feel like you wasted your money.


Which is why I’m waiting for an update.


Secret technique!


Good Peacekeepers make me want to cry ;_;