The For Honor thread


Just dropping in to feel bad about not having the game again. Anyone getting burned out on it? Do you folks feel it has real longevity?


While I wouldn’t necessarily say it will have super high longevity, it does a good job of making things feels fresh and rewarding for the most part. That said, this is still week one. I don’t want to form an opinion so early.

BTW, does anyone know how to get the emblem border that the knights are supposed to have from winning the faction war during the open beta?


With the release of future heroes and maps being planned out for, like, a year or so, I expect that FH can last for at least as long as Rainbow 6.


Install just finished.


I’ll be on after I eat if you’d like to play.


Sure. I will probably play for about two hours or so more.


I’ll be on in about an hour.


What a waste of fucking money this game is. I’m so damn tired of all the fucking shit in this game. Berserker is so fucking broken it’s made me delete the game. I’m playing as the shittiest class ever, Orochi, and I can’t do fucking piss all. I’m blocking left, still get hit. Block right, still get hit. Non-stop fucking spam. Skilless fucking crap. I’m fucking done with this piece of shit.




Orochi was definitely a character that I decided against, since it is one of the characters where you only actually block for a second or two.


It actually feels weird to me to play something that has a consistent block right now.


Orochi is absolute ass.


I was having a lot of trouble against one as the Viking Vanguard. The throw or something was making my UI disappear, so I had to try and guess which direction the attacks were coming from. Stun maybe?


Yep, that’s a stun. I know all the attack animations, so it doesn’t phase me.


From what I saw in the beta, Orochi just has the highest skill floor in game. The timings are really hard to grasp. I practiced with it for a bit and just couldn’t get it. I might as well be playing a minion. I’ll stick to my wheelhouse. Don’t get discouraged though. Maybe jump into 1v1 with a friend on Berserker and just throw down until you feel confident enough to deal with their bs. That’s what i’d do, though it might not be best for everyone.


I didn’t have this problem in the Alpha nor Betas. I was killing people with so much ease, then people started playing Berserker. Can’t do shit. Berserker is better in every way than an Orochi. More damage, faster attacks, more agile. Orochi is just garbage compared to every other character.


Orochi is just garbage compared to every other character

this I’m just not sure about. I only had about 20 hours in the beta, so I obviously don’t know much, but I had a different experience. Orochi always seemed to get wrecked(pretty much if under Reputation 1), or just dominate(at least in 1v1s). I remember the first time I played against a skilled Orochi I felt totally powerless. Like there was just no way to get a strike in because even if you turtled, orochi could hit you faster than you could swing. Maybe it’s because I played slowpokes like Conqueror and Raider, but I was never more worried than when i saw a decked out Orochi.

Of course, the meta is still developing I think, so maybe anecdotes aren’t proof of anything. Either way I hope you managed to find a character you enjoy.


The best way to counter the orochi as a slow character player is to block as needed and then parry at the right moment that you can manage it, then get a a few hits in.


That’s my problem. Orochi is the character I enjoy. The others I find cheap or not enjoyable.


Orochi is one of the better characters. Raider and Valklyrie are pretty much seen as the 2 shitty classes. I play Shugoki and Conqueror, not sure about conqueror but Shugoki is also considered pretty low tier.