The For Honor thread


Berserker seemed like it could be fun too, but he was described as “hard to master” and it looked to me like his best points would be shut down at higher levels. Confirm or deny?


He is argued as potentially the highest skill cap character in the game, but I mostly find people who play Berserker spam his side doge maneuver. He is really good at just spamming attacks from different directions, and the game hasn’t been out long, so it’s hard to say how skill caps will work.

Warden has similar arguments for him.


Yeah, that potential infinite combo looked fun on paper, but it seems unlikely that it would really end up doing significant damage against someone who knows what they are doing.


It’s honestly a bit cheap. Super hard to defend against.


It’s not OK to lie.


It’s an actual thing. Warden and Berserker are considered the highest skill cap characters by a lot of the advanced community. I imagine that Valkyrie will be up there as well with her upcoming buffs.


Good to know. Also, I see it says it has no affect on gameplay, so is there any point to this “Who would you fight for?” Question?


The game has a system known as “Faction War” It is a territory attack/defense system in place. Across a single season the different allegiances fight to gain the most control of the map.


I can see Warden and Valk, but not Berserker. He seems rather skilless.


Evidently it’s because of his super high combo ability, combined with countering. Makes him super hard to deal with when you play against an actual skilled player. Something to remember is that given the depth of the game mechanics chances are you don’t play with very good people. That’ll change in time, but a lot of players spam one mechanic of a character and it is hard to counter.

For example, I hate fighting lawbringer, because there is essentially an infinite chain of grapples that they can do. It’s pretty ridiculour, but I never feel like the people using it are very good. It’s cheap, and I don’t know how to counter it yet, but when I figure it out, I don’t think it’ll be an issue. the problem will be that people who are better at the character won’t just rely on cheap tactics, they’ll know how to do surprising things with the character, and how to switch up their tactics to throw off enemies.


I face people reputation 3 and higher all the time. I’m level 16 with Orochi. I’m playing against really good people.


No, you aren’t. You are playing against people who play a lot, but Rep 3 isn’t that high. It’s just high compared to most. They are not “good” they are “comparatively good”. Very few people grasp the intricacies of the game at this point. Pretty much all of the people who do are those who participated in the closed Alpha, which is a very small number of people.

the game has 30 reputation levels. Just wait until people are actually good and things will get much more intense.


I’ve played 60 hours. I don’t need someone telling me that I don’t understand something. The only didn’t know was feinting.


Oh? And how exactly do you know that you don’t know something?


What is even this statement?


How can you say that there isn’t anything else in you game that you don’t know about? If you don’t know about it, then you also don’t know that it exists to begin with.


Because I’ve played all the characters and know all their moves. I understand what is what and how things are happening. I wouldn’t play a game, especially this one, with a blind eye.


So you claim, but there was a basic mechanic you were completely unaware of. This game isn’t as simple as you seem to think it is. And you have an incredibly self-confirming outlook on how it works.

Being blind, and not knowing how deep something is, are completely different things.


I don’t need this. I really don’t. I know the game. I know how it works. Me missing a simple mechanic, that really does nothing, doesn’t say anything.


yay I actually like valkyrie.

Raider, shugoki, and valkyrie are the classes I play the most.