The For Honor thread


This right here looks dank as fuck. I may check this out if Noobisoft decides to add more factions in the future. If you’re just now hearing about this game, For Honor comes out in February. It’s a multiplayer hack-and-slash game where you take control of Vikings, knights, and samurai. Combat revolves around blocking enemy attacks and getting around your enemy’s blocks. It looks like it may be boring, but the amount of interaction between the player and the fight may make it very exciting. Thoughts?

Also, since this game is For Honor, I’m going to make the obligatory Zuko joke now.

EDIT: It would seem @reactiveisland5 beat me to this topic, so consider this his thread.

For Honor - Full Round of Elimination Gameplay

While the idea is great, I’m cautious about this game since it’s Ubisoft’s. The same guys who told players to clear their friends list so that their crashes stop (was it some AC? Or The Division?).


It looked really cool to be honest. Loved the Viking!


sits down until they decide to add Romans even though he fucking hates the Romans because they were dicks

EDIT: I don’t know why I made this a reply to you but, you know, whatevs. Since it’s a reply, I’ll make it relevant to your post. The Raider’s animations are really good, but they feel ungodly awdward.


Just wait for Mordhau instead.


Mordhau’s visuals hurt my eyes for some odd reason. Also, it doesn’t have multiple cultures.


Sounds kinda funny. I mean It is what I would expect in cringe thread.

some fun facts from history:
Purely from real-life events Knights would just dominate.

In time when Samurais created decent iron armor there was already western gun-powder avaible
It still took years for them to replace leather with iron armor…but europe already used Steel armor
Samurai armor had very insignificiant movement advantage considering that steel armor protected you vs anything with padded t-shirt and chainmail
Samurai weapons are completely worthless vs knight armor,weapons knights used were perfect vs samurai armor.
Samurai armor was designed to counter sharp samurai weapons,it was never made to fight knights.

Vikings sound cool but they were not even half-decent fighters and they had never good armor or weapons.
Very late in-to viking era some vikings became knights…
Vikings were feared because they attacked helpless undefended estates.They activly avoided open conflict when they could.

In other words this game is like:
Americans with firefighters,miniguns,nuclear weapons vs some tribe with spears in africa.

It is trained assault unit with automatic rifles vs 3 random thugs with 9mm pistols.

But ignoring all ^ here

I would still play viking,preferably berseker just because It is so cool :^)


Where’s your source?


I kinda hope to see more nations added to it as dlc or over time.

I am interested in it though.


Vikings had good swords.


I’ve been following this game for a while. Hope I get into the closed alpha here in a couple of weeks.


Well, according to the website, For Honor is actually an alternate history game. Each of these civilizations suffered a major disaster, and have now rebuilt. After rebuilding, they’ve declared war because, you know, humans. In the wake of these events, Japanese and Scandanavian culture may have caught up with continental Europe as far as warfare goes.


no,no they had good swords for theyr time against enemy they faced.[farmers]
Just like samurais had good armor for fighting other samurais and farmers

Also these swords were extremely rare,so it is more like’two vikings had ok sword’ compared to vikings had good swords. Most of these swords were just knock-offs
These swords were basically ‘i m hight ranking rich viking thing’ to give you idea how rare they were.

Also what was good was material of the sword,not the sword itself.

And once again they were good for theyr time. In knight time knight swords vere commonly same or better purity but most importantly they were better made and longer+lighter.


I get It. Obv this game will not realistic or something,if games were realistic no one would play them.

I just pointed some fun facts about these . Just purely from age stand-point it could not work as there is 500±years difference


Who needs a sword when you have a MOTHERFUCKING DANE AXE


Who needs noobish dane exe while you are 50meters tall viking demon with spiky hammer



Likely not. [quote=“Alucard_Shadow, post:7, topic:101847”]
Vikings sound cool but they were not even half-decent fighters and they had never good armor or weapons.Very late in-to viking era some vikings became knights…

That is not true at all. Vikings were named after what they did, which was to viking, also known as raiding and pillaging.
Viking weapons were actually superior at the time, not because they were good smiths, but rather because there were no viking weapons at all, they were all looted and ditched as they found better and better.

Of course, the vikings in the game wear only leather, so they would be at a disadvantage.

The samuraii would be at the bottom tho, the whole reason they died out was because the refused change and you would need to adapt to survive in that timeline.


Waaaaaaaiiiiitaminute, I call bullshit. A handful of the Viking gods–namely Odin, Thor, Tyr, Freya, and Ullr–were war deities. I find it hard to believe that a culture would have so many gods for a thing that they didn’t consider a big part of life. Death in battle was even the only way they saw to avoid eternal damnation, and those who went to Valhalla got the honor of battling for eternity.

Well, apparently they were more flexible in this alternate timeline.


I think you should watch less movies/series and read more history books before calling bullshit on things you did not study closely.
This is not accurate historical documentary

Neither is this

Althought I have to say they got make-up,haircuts and costumes 99% correct

fights,locations,characters and everything else is pure fantasy/very inaccurate

The name ‘Viking means ‘a pirate raid’ in the old Norse language but most of vikings were primary farmers

Picture that you have in mind is romanticised fiction from 19. century+

Samurais were much closer to vikings as you know them from pop-culture than actual vikings ever could be.

Almost all vikings became Christians but yes they believed in norse mythology at beginning but just like people call themselves christians now and do not really live by any christian rules same thing apply to older civilisations
most people are atheist that mark themselves ‘christians,muslims etc’ because they were born in location/family that supports that.
99% christians are born in christian family 99% muslims are born in muslim family 99% buddhists are born in buddhist family… you got the pattern? It is quite logical. If there was family of pastafarians theyr kid would be probably pastafarian. It does not really mean that they will be practicing pastafarians,christians etc. That is more rare: radical way.

Much sad,I’m scared it will take away theyr uniqueness.

Anyway I’m off this thread as my comments are not really topic related[game].I just hope someone enjoyed some fun facts in this thread. Laters.