The Flock (asymmetrical multiplayer game)


So while we’re waiting for the beta of Evolve to release, I discoverd another asymmetrical multiplayer game that has a very interesting concept.

So the game starts off with all the players as the Flock (a horrific monster) who must race to get the Artifact (A ball of light). Who ever gets the Artifact is turned into the Carrier(a small huminoid creature). As the Carrier you use the Artifact as a flashlight and your goal is to survive the Flock until your light metre is filled, once filled you win the game. Your light metre fills up automatically as long as you are the Carrier, you can also fill your metre faster by finding becons and lighting them with the Artifact. The goal of the Flock is to kill the Carrier which will in turn make them the carrier and fill their light metre. The Flock can jump extreme lengths and can run twice as fast as the Carrier but the Artifact’s light the Carrier wields can kill them so they can’t just rush towards him without thinking. The Flock have a defence to this as they can turn their skin to stone which will make them immune to the light but in order to get into this state they must stand completely still and will become vunerable to the light again if they move. The Carrier’s light will turn off for a short time if he stays in the same area for too long giving the Flock a chance to kill him so he must stay mobile, the light will also turn off for a short time after he lights a becon. When a Carrier is killed he emits a powerful burst of light giving the new Carrier some breathing room. The Flock can work together but only one can become the Carrier which gives the sense of cooperative and competitive gameplay.

This teaser trailer also has the developer explain how the game works at 1:25

Developers youtube Channel:


There is also a closed alpha but that started on the 31st of October and I think it’s finished now but here is the link to sign up (PC Only)

Here are some gameply videos of the alpha (there are more if you just search ‘the flock alpha gamplay’ but the people in these videos seem to understand the game better but mostly the fact that they know that the light won’t hurt them if they are still.) also remember that these are footage of the alpha and can be subject to change.



Looks interesting, I’ll probably check it out more later when I have more free time


I played the Alpha awhile back. Very fun game. I loved pouncing on the Carrier from above as he would make his way past other stone Flock cx


Very cool, I’ll have to check it out :slight_smile: