The first post launch infographic


Look and weep Naysayers


Why target the naysayers?


Here’s the direct link to the image


I’m fairly new to this game, but isn’t it pretty fair logic to assume goliath will by default be the most played monster being it has to be played to unlock the others?


No, XBox people unlock it automatically.


Gotcha, thanks for that info.


if they preordered.

We’re talking about a subset of 1/3rd the total playerbase…

So yeah… argument still holds.


This video shows why Hyde is the best and why stage 3 can be defeated.


Didn’t XBox outsell PC 8:1? Yeah… Not 1/3…


Curious where PS4 fell in on that.

That part of the equation is still needed for valid statistical analysis.


This is just amongst players over level 20


Ahhhh, gotcha.


Sales seem to roughly be 8:7:1 Xbox:ps4:pc. Xbox is likely 50% of all sales. Will be good to see final figures.

But aside from this, I can see how goliath is preferred, mostly on console maybe, still trying to reconcile this with my experience of barely seeing a match that isn’t against a wraith.

Will say that even level 20+ has people like me who have barely unlocked kraken yet, and are terrible at monster!


We are the 30%! We are the Kraken’s! We will not be oppressed by rampaging Goliath’s, nor Wraithcist She-Devils! All hail Cthul- UM I MEAN KRAKEN!


Why is Parnell least played?!?!


To be fair, the first week was also when everyone was still unlocking everything. I’m hoping to see scheduled updated stats. I have a feeling the 2nd week started unbalanced towards monsters/Wraith, but it might look the same, because it feels like the balance shifted back to more neutral grounds pretty quickly.


Parnell is a very tricky hunter to be, you have to be very accurate with weaponry, but also conscious of the medic


Though I can’t tell you the stats, I can say that Parnell is the only Hunter that hurts himself with an ability and he feels weaker and that he has less damage on top of being harder to be accurate with of all the Assaults. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that’s what he feels like. I play with a couple of people that call Parnell part of the C Team which consists of Hunters we feel are subpar compared to the others in their class, Val for Medic, Bucket for Supp, Griffin for Trap (Though I disagree about that one.) and Parnell for Assault.


Hurray. :slight_smile:


Not that hard. And you can have a good medic that will heal you.