The First Annual StealthShampoo Invitational



#Witness competitive greatness one last time. On November 6th, 2016, 4 of Shear’s best will face off in the final true competitive Evolve tournament.

It’s going to be intense. (Official promotion pic taken by @Dig_Douglas_III at 2K, edit mostly by @Kueller917).

The First Annual StealthShampoo Invitational brought to you by StealthShampoo will host 4 of Evolve’s greatest to determine who Shear’s champions are…for the last time.

Who, when, and where:

Hosted by world-renowned 2K event host, previously banned player, coach of the 7 time winning PS4 ESL team Deploy the Picture, and former ESL Go4Evolve caster StealthShampoo, this round robin tournament will be the send-off that Evolve Stage 2 deserves.

Cohosting the main stage (if he hasn’t already left the country) will be the well-bearded, highly cultured, consumer of unsliced pizzas, DJ, and actual 2K event host Dave Blank (DB), live from StealthShampoo headquarters.

You can find all the action Sunday, November 6th at 12pm PDT on the StealthShampoo Twitch channel.

The Teams:

The teams and players invited to The First Annual StealthShampoo Invitational are:

  1. Legacy was better
  2. zero Hours Played

Unconfirmed are the Dill Dozers.

This leaves room for one more team, The Wildcard Team.

We wanted to give an opportunity for the most deserving lesser known team to prove themselves during one of Evolve’s final spectacles. You and your team can apply by DMing StealthShampoo on Twitter or Discord the following information:

  1. Your player roster (5 players)
  2. A brief summary of your team’s experience with Evolve tournaments
  3. Why you think you deserve the final slot of the Invitational

The final team will be selected on Friday, November 4th. Note that in the event that the Dill Dozers do not confirm their players by that time, two teams will be selected to play and compete.

PRIZES (for players and viewers!):

The first place prize is an extremely rare, you-can-pretty-much-only-get-these-from-Nicky, set of Evolve Hunter and Monster recruitment posters for the 5 main players of the winning team. Yes, Nicky himself stole 100 of them from The Proving Grounds tournament in 2015. These are the last of them.

2K has authorized 10 sets of posters to be sent out total to North America or Europe. 2 sets are reserved for The Caster MVP award for the players who make the clutchest (or dumbest) plays of the Invitational to be selected at the end of the tournament.

That leaves 2 sets left to be given away to the chat, and 1 set saved for a helpful tournament moderator/referee.

Apply to be a referee!

Nicky is looking for one referee to help the tournament run smoothly. This means make sure the teams are in game, following the rules, and not going over allocated break or pause times.

As stated in the prizes section, one referee will receive the poster set for their help.

You MUST be available for the entirety of the Sunday tournament, 11:30am to 8pm (the stretch end time) PDT.

If you’d like to apply, DM StealthShampoo on Discord or Twitter with the following:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your timezone
  • Hours played of Evolve (we need at least a semi-experienced player)
  • Why you would make a good moderator
  • (Optional!) If you would like to moderate anyway without a poster reward, let me know. More moderators = the show will run smoother and will help the casters focus on the show!

You can find the Battlefy page and ruleset here.

Viewers, players, and Evolve fans, join us live at 12pm PDT November 6th, 2016 for what will be the absolute final Evolve cast on StealthShampoo.

Stealth Shampoo What?

The posters…


@TheMountainThatRoars I’s thinks thisz threadsz needsz a’s stickiez.


If anyone wants another player for Wildcard team, I can play. I played PS4 ESL, was a Monsoter main on there, but I play Hunter mostly nowadays. I’m happy doing either.


I am sad I can’t co host :frowning:


Still need those referees if you’ve got the time bro!


How does being a referee work and are the qualifications.


Console excluded I’m sure. =P


Wait… Are you not the guy that said that you were no longer going to do Evolve, after trs announcement? Or I’m in another timeline? @StealthShampoo


This is the dimension where @StealthShampoo was banned, but was unbanned because he helped design the T6 monster that isn’t being used.


Don’t you mean saved?


T6 what? Sorry, must be the wrong frequency. Though I’m sure this is the guy. :stuck_out_tongue:



to bad I am a solo act and cant join the tourney :frowning:


Those are the guys who took our baby away! hisssssssssssssss


@GrizzleMarine idk what your team name is, so forgive me if you’re already up there, but you should give it a go.


Horse Toast shall endeavor to take part


I hope 2k plans to announce there plans for Evolve instead of that extremely vague, uninspiring blog they originally submitted.


Hmmm, this should be fun to watch. If DB isn’t yet mired in his fine cheeses and fancy beer, it’d be a treat to see him. I miss him and shak sweating after big lunches on the 2k Evolve streams. The memeories are strong. If they don’t take me before then, I’ll be watching.


To answer a couple questions/comments:

@Hxxx I will no longer be creating Evolve content for YouTube or Twitch after the Invitational.

@Maddcow can confirm, have been banned, made tier 6 Monster, did not release in time.

@deanimate I have no idea why I didn’t personally invite HT. You or Grizz hit me up on Twitter/Discord and I’ll give you the password to sign up and slot you guys in.