The Final Product


Since all the major things are in and they are polishing the game, what would you guys want to see added to the final product?

I want to see more of the environment react, like seeing the brush move or have it get stomped into the ground by goliath’s feet (loved seeing the trees snapping in goliath’s wake) or having the harmless wildlife truly run for their lives when the monster is present.

When I’m the monster (or not) and I’m hurt to a bar health, I don’t just want to look I’m hurt, I want to feel like I’m hurt. I want to see the monster clutching his side when he can and bellow out in pain.

You know add some more flare.

What do you guys think they add to or work more on?


I do not want the monster to actualy be handicapped by his health getting that low it would ruin any chance the monster had at a comeback I’m ok with just the appearance it at most the monster appears to slouch more


yeah just flare, no handicapping


Ooh if anything, when the monster gets to a bar of health left let there be an adrenaline rush!