The final hours


I would like to thank in advance all of TRS for this game. You’re in for a bumpy road in the beginning, theres no doubt about that, but if you genuinely did well, this game will be loved like left 4 dead.

Now for the goals of this game i had in mind, i wanted to play with or against most of the regulars around here. (I’m PC, so I’m aware that i wont be able to play with a decent amount of you guys :cry:) I want to master all monsters, But I’m very fond of specific characters like Bucket and lazarus/caira or hyde or abe. I also want to challenge the devs best players later on as well… when I’m ready. So if the regulars dont mind add me sometime and ill be whatever you desire. Oh yeah, i also want to get albino versions of my most favorite monsters (wraith)

as for you guys, do you have any things in particular you are aiming for after release?


Seems like PC is the majority around here, you shouldn’t have a problem. :smiley:


But i wont be able to play with plaff or slinkyguy :disappointed: I heard good things about them


There’s a goal thread here that you could read and post yours in :smile:


Oh wow… someone beat me to it eh…?


Yeap! I am always one step ahead.

And one head a step.