The Final Evolve Livestream Q & A

Hello Everyone!

The final Evolve livestream is set for 10/27, 12PM PST.
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We want to make sure to answer all the questions we can for you over the course of this stream.

Please post your questions below and we have answers for you on Thursday.

Now, have at it!

(I will be editing this post tomorrow when I am more awake.) <3


How much do you love me?


What ideas did you have for adaptations? Refractors? What did you love most about developing?


for people who cant make it to the livestream can you post the answers on the forums
also my question: could you release all the time line stories and their adaptations


Who created the monsters and why?


In this long journey, if you had to change a thing of the past, what would it be?

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All of these are for @Matthew.

• What dimension do the monster’s come from?
• Why exactly do they hate Patterson Tech?
• To my understanding, kicking a Patterson Generator capable of FTL travel into overdrive has the ability to kill monsters. In what manner does it do this? And what would happen to Kala if she was caught by the explosion of a overdriven FTL drive?
• Could you please describe to us the Howler, Stormbringer, and Harrower?
• A long time ago you said you had a large list comprised of different places the monsters glassed. Could you please reveal to us that list?
• Who is the Caucasian male inside of the monster’s minds that M121 saw when attempting Mind-To-Mind communication with the monsters?
• Why do the monsters hate this man?
• A lot of the plot points in your unreleased Evolve fiction thread were somewhat… difficult to grasp. For example, the whole thing about mechanical monsters and special talents and the likes. Could you please attempt to summarize and explain your story in an easier method to grasp during the stream?
• Who, if anyone, survived Shear from the Hunter team? Any interesting tidbits you could share about their lives after Shear?

Here’s one for @GentlemanSquirl, or really anyone whom can answer.

• I know you probably can’t sho us any art, but could you please describe the general vision design-wise for adaptations such as: Hellfire Hyde, Captain Bucket, Emet-Bucket, War Bucket, “Long-Range” Lazarus, “Monstrous” Kala, “Thunderchild” Sunny, and “Rock-Block” Jack?

Thank you for your time.


You motherfucker! Stealing MY question


What is Hyde hiding in his locker? Also, is it true you were going to introduce a Merman Monster later on in the game?

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My question for @GentlemanSquirl

I need a super explanation on time eras

Does this mean the monsters won?
Who is C bucket and H Hyde
What era is all the question marks?
What era is Palafin Parnell from?

Please and thank you!!!


Fourteen year old scum.

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It’s either that or Adcock right?

Will 2k work on the trello board objectives?

I also have just one question for anyone on the Evolve team who can answer; could you please tell us what your ideas were for future adaptations? Like, abilities, who would class swap, full names, the likes.


Can you upload the stream to the youtube channel? In case I or anybody else misses it.


How many tears were shed and where did the nickname Bob come from?

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No, it’s that or Adpenis. Choose.

Can we still discuss balance and other things evolve here? At this point it seems kinda pointless. What reason do we have to stay?

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What was the Ajax monster? Was it ever planned to be seen in the game?