The Final Evolve Livestream Q & A

I’m on mobile so that’s hard for me to do but maybe @Shaners can hook you up?

Man I wish they cold have like, gotten one last update in to at least get kraken’s reworks and tweaks in, so at least everyone would be in a somewhat functional state to leave it in.


There will be an AMA of some sort with Colville so he can share this info!

Also, as far as sequels go, it doesn’t look like that’s the future of evolve.

That being said –




Captain Bucket & Hellfire Hyde. :smiley:

I got really sad the other day when I was told and realized we wouldn’t be able to create them – or the Phantom Wraith.


No problem.

Honestly it would be great if we could get a large, globally pinned thread with all the narrative bits that Matthew has given.

Either that or I’ll just backtrack through all of his posts. :sweat_smile:


Thanks for answering. I will continue to support this game and the amazing company that birthed it. :slight_smile:

Hellfire Hyde as in burning everything? And Captain Bucket as in Cabot died?

There is a topic section for it

Awesome! Thanks!

Yeah, figured that now. Still have hope though. Just wondering if you guys ever gave it serious thought or planning or if it was always just about whether you got there or not.

That I uh 0-- don’t think was the reasoning? @GentlemanSquirl might be able to shed more light.

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sees edit

God I need gifs to talk right now… screams like a banishee mine

Serious thought and planning.



There is? Goddamnit I miss alot when it comes to these forums haha.


You get used to it


That’s unfortunate, but I’ll still keep some hope alive.

Are you guys able to talk about that stuff and anything you guys were planning on releasing prior to today or are you guys restricted from talking about certain things? Whether by 2k or your own leadership.

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You guys were really good at asymmetrical gameplay here… do you think that it’s possible to pull off another one like this? Similar to banjo kazooie and yooka-layee. You guys seemed to have a ton of fun at this and it’s just a small thought.

How are hackers/cheaters going to be handled?

Will Halloween crates be staying forever now?
Does 2k plan to give this IP to a different developer?

How was the atmosphere of the work place leading up to this news?

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how much possibility are there for console players to play evolve stage2 on console?
is it nearly impossible?

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At least some sort of goodbye patch?

plz don’t hurt me