The Final Evolve Livestream Q & A

I’ll take that

This needs to be answered


What are you planning to do next since Evolve is finished?

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Im really sad now. I hope you guys the best tho. But i have one question will 2k continue support?

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??? Continue to support Evolve? No they won’t unfortunately

Rvolv? Rouge Val?

R and E are next to each other. Probs meant Evolve.

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This we do not know.

As far as we’ve heard – leaning towards no.


We’ve have quite a few Oculus titles in the works. :slight_smile:

Jason Rubin has been a fan since the THQ days. <3

(aka my hero, aka the creator of Crash Bandicoot.)


Probably their VR stuff.

No way!!! I love that game so much. I played it every chance I got. Think it was 2, but I could never get passed the underground parts with the bees…asshole bees

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Question for anyone

What game engine are the VR games running off of?

Fuck, it’s only for evolve questions!!!

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Was Kala meant to eventually turn into a monster or just die from the complications of her experiment?

Were/are you guys planning/hoping to make a true sequel to Evolve or keep it as an ever growing platform?


Apparently since 2K sponsored them they pretty much can’t because of money bankruptcy. And Matthew summed up the story of monsters and how the Hunters won. So I assume not which breaks my heart to say

Is there a chance of stage 2 on consoles?

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A chance indeed by they are slim

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And – feel free to ask these questions. <3

For Matthew

If the Turks pay you a golden treasure, why are you yet poor?

To everyone at TRS
How are you?


Oh he summed up the story? Do you know where? I’ve definitely missed most of the not-in-game story bits.

But yeah I know they can’t make a sequel now or possibly ever. I was just wondering if one was on their minds and if they had any thoughts about it.

Yeeeeeeessss!!! Thats what im using to run my game Battle Arena!!!

If for some reason I did make a Battle Arena thread, would you read it? I may end up pitching it if finished before I can make the game itself