The Final Evolve Livestream Q & A


He didn’t summon up the story. He just gave a possibility about what happened to the crew on AKhenatan after Kala went to Shear. He did show us a possible way about how the human race can turn the tide of the war against monsters though.


i’m very curious to know on why there was no Anti Cheat system… (considering the circumstances…)


Was the host ever killed? What was the host? Are there more hosts out there? What was Queen Gorgon - how was she able to produce Gorgons from eggs? Are there Queen Wraiths and King Bobs/OG’s/Kraken’s too? What was Deepest Dark? What was Hellfire Hyde and Captain Bucket going to be - Assault? Trapper? What era were Hellfire/Captain going to be from? How would they have played differently to Hyde/Bucket? What would be different about Phantom Wraith? Where does Bobsicle come on the timeline? What were the plans for the Gorgon Variant, if any? Where does Palnell come in on the timeline? Who survived Cataclysm? What happened to cause Cataclysm? Did the hunters ever escape Shear? What was Phantom Wraith? Why does Blitkov have an eye patch? What was the “war” era (R. Val, T. Hank, Blitzkov)? Where there any plans for a Gobi/Daisy Plush? Where there any plans for a TR Gold Maggie weapon skin (I wanted a Golden Daisy damnit)? Was there ever a plan for a “Tier 6” had Stage 2 come out of Beta? Were there any plans for books or other merchandise for Evolve? Does Godzilla destroy Shear and the monsters bringing peace back to a trouble galaxy?

I’m sorry of that’s a lot of questions, and if any had been asked so far, but I have a lot that I want to be tied up.


First of all I would just like to say thank you so much for everything guys. It is so sad to see you all go.

So, I guess this is goodbye Evolve? Well I would like to ask you what would happen to the developers of Evolve and if the lovely people working there will stay or not, because a part of me died thinking if any of the developers we loved, through thick and thin will leave.


is bobcicle made from our tears?


Ok, these were our general ideas(stuff I discussed with Matt C, but we hadn’t made official, or finalized any of this, so this is officially unofficial.).

On shear, yes they did. Shear’s location rests basically in the same place as the Monster’s home-world (if you can call it a home world, more like a point of origin), but in another universe or dimension on top of ours (think many possible dimensions laid on top of each other).

Inspired by this.

Paterson technology in our dimension is a wonderful powerful energy source, but on their side of things it would basically cause a Chernobyl type effect (remember our universes are laid on top of each other and the by product of the Patterson Energy on their side is devastating. Huge wastelands of irradiated lifeless hell. So you could imagine why they were super pissy and always wanted to destroy those relays… Paterson tech was basically killing off huge portions of their colonized space.

This was inspired by some stuff I heard about Dark matter and how it might not be in our dimension, but somewhere in another universe and how it might be the source of gravity or something. This is all pseudo science, but it sparked some ideas that I thought might be cool.

How were they getting across to our side of things? What how did the eggs work?

This stuff was riffing off some of the original Evolve ideas, I think Caira says something like “I don’t know how the eggs work, there is no baby monster in there until there is…” I totally butchered that line, but it got me thinking.

The eggs are basically teleport pads and the monsters are pushing their babies through weak points in space and it just so happens that Shear has a ton of thin spots that line up with their point of origin and they are super pissed our technology is destroying their world. Hence the invasion.

Shear falls but our heroes fight on trying to close up the weak spots in space to spot the tide. The hunters that don’t get evac’d pretty much die, except Hyde and Daisy (We were thinking of giving daisy to Hyde for his variant with an Steel chomper for her to bite the monsters butt). We lose a lot of Hunters around this point. Caira, Cabot, Griff, Abe, Mags, Lennox and others. Some of them are memorialized in the propaganda era, when the monsters have spread out in our universe seeking sources of Patterson and the colonies are trying to rally people to the fight (Starship Troopers).

The Rval, SHank, Blitz group gets off and goes hunting for the Phantom, which is some kind of special Monster that appears throughout the colonies without warming. Doesn’t need an egg to slip through (I swear, we came up with this before Stranger Things). This is the bugger imprisoned in Wraith Trap, when it escaped it was super pissed off. It’s also responsible for taking down Caira and her death sends RAbe into that Cataclysm mood he is in before falls as well as his whole variant group (Rabes shotgun is named for Caira.)

So while the Monsters are spreading out into the universe, we have Hyde, his Mutants, the Shear weak points in space and Kala. Caira was right, Kala was losing her shit and changing into something bad (I was starting to design Kala’s variant, which was going to be a monster with access to more than 4 abilities…think Invoker from dota). Kala is a catalyst of sorts, the DNA in living things around her slowly twists and molds into something more friendly to our invaders. Imagine she is a planet teraformer of sorts, but for living things. Hyde’s a tough SOB and there is no way anything is gonna kill him. So while he is fighting to close these weak points, he is always slowly changing into something like Kala (We were going to put a mask on him, because his face was turning). Hyde also meets up with other folks that are mutating as well. These guys would have been variants and new characters. We had some real fun off the wall designs. Eventually, he would have killed Kala and closed the Weak points.

Shit it’s late. I’ll tell you guys about more era ideas later if you want. I need to sleep.

Paladin Parnell was from the ??? era.

H was for Hellfire Hyde.

Evolve lore (title already used wut)
[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve
[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve
[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve
[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve

The most anticipated answer to my question is probably ‘‘Not for a second’’ but I will ask anyways and hope to haer an answer on the stream.

As far as balancing is concerned, did you guys ever stop to consider that on the one hand you did all that great work to simplify Evolve at stage 2 and make it more newcomer’s friendly while keeping it balanced and interesting for both newcomers and experienced players, while on the other hand you were throwing that balance out of the window with all those complicated perks you kept on inserting in the game?

I trully believe that was on of your hugest mistakes, for sake of a more in depth customisation or feel you just threw the balance out of a 100 storey block.


Does TRS have any major multiplayer games coming up? I’d love to play a co-op multiplayer in the vein of Evolve. Maybe not 4v1 per se but I don’t know, something to keep the feel alive, yknow?


I think the biggest error by far was not having a real matchmaking and pick system when S2 released. Though I agree, some of the more complex perks should have waited, if they were to be released ever.


Wauw. Id never know Hyde would be such a key into the story. I thought you guys mentioned that just to troll @ToiletWraith

But what of Hyde’s buddy, Lazarus? What happened to him?


Will you be able to reveal the names/abilities/concept art for any of the unfinished variations? CBucket, Hellfire Hyde, Gorgon, Phantom Wraith, Kala, trapper, medic?

Where exactly was the Wasteland group in relation to Hyde’s mutants? Did Hyde form that group after everyone else was dead?

Where was Glacial Behemoth?

Which hunters were planned, or at least considered the possibility, of being in one of the surviving groups (Wasteland, Hyde’s mutants, Phantom Hunters, whatever the heck Palnell’s group was)? Who wouldn’t have lived to be in any of them?


Can you show us new and unrealised concept arts of new characters/wildlife/maps, please?


:scream: kala variant as monster. so freaking cool… 2k… plz… :’(

Thank you Brandon for this post and all of your hard work on Evolve along with everyone at TRS. It’s been fun, can’t wait to see what else you guys come up with! Thank you!


If there is any chance, I would recommend to make a singlepalyer game (with multiplayer elements) with this story. Evolve’s univerese is very interesting and it’s characters are really loveable and unique. I would definietly buy it.


Problem is 2k owns the rights now, so… they can’t.


So, I’ve looked into it as much as I can, but I can’t help but feel there is a chance, slim, tiny, impossibly small, but there, that if evolve 2.16, the game that as is right now owned by 2k, by some miracle does well finacially, without going to console or making a public advertisement that beta is “over” and they decide to give it another go with more updates and console ports and such, and offer TRS a new contract to produce more content, rather than just work on it in-house, would you guys come back you think?

also what was phantom wraith gonna be like? wraith was always my favorite, gorgon became a close second, I always loved the very stealthy gameplay. get in, get a strike, get out. (needless to say I HATED laz cause I couldn’t do this)

Lastly were there any “hints” from 2k as to WHY they terminated the contract? they are rather clearly still in a state of “wait and see” with the game, they’re still keeping servers up and selling GKs so… what? or have they just been notoriously tight lipped with you guys on the subject. “oh we’re not renewing the contract and taking everything k bye”


How do I stop crying?
jk (kinda)

Real question vvv
-It has been my dream to work at TRS for a while now, you know that because I told you guys at my graduation party ( oh no the tears are back :sob:) but Is that something could still strive for? Or should I pursue making my own indie studio? I still have 4 years to go and it has been TRS or bust.


I would like to know, should we expect for the return of Legacy Evolve ?


With your knowledge now what would you have done differently in Evolve"s development?


Community shout out please :smiley: <3