The Final Evolve Livestream Q & A


Bob, is of course a kindred monster for me, I really enjoy the adaption as well.

After all these years of working on the game, code and balances what is…

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

<3 TriXieKat!


African or European? :stuck_out_tongue:

@TheMountainThatRoars You got ninja’d hard




Which are your favourite monsters & which one was most fun to make? Who designed Kraken? <3


There will be no more livestreams?
What’s happening? :open_mouth:


Some sad and disheartening shit bro…


Wait… so who’s taking over development and stuff to get us out of Beta?


EDIT: My bad, I thought you meant to Consoles, it’s a 25% chance or slightly more for that to happen but as it stands…no one



2K has said that “the development of Evolve has finished”


That explains @Terepin celebrating that Emet can now “stay awesome forever” after the last buff. :stuck_out_tongue:

But… I don’t like how 2K has worded this thing so neutrally.

Saying “Development is complete” and you’re taking the devs off is totally different from saying: “Stage 2 is a complete and rousing success! Console launch next week! And 2K is taking over Server operations while TRS go make the sequel!”…


That’s because it’s not ready at all, they terminated their contract with TRS


babe, please, I can change, come back to us! Q~Q
Licensing is cruel, its like telling a chef he no longer owns his grandmother’s apple pie recipe because he wanted to cook a great pie at a good restaurant for just a little while…
He meant good! why do you do this to him 2K! WHY!
This is abduction and we must file a police report… then kickstart the game for closure

real question, can you guys release the LAN code for the game? can you let some of us play lan games?
Love all of you baes -including the hairy ones- lots.


Reminds me of Satan and Sadam.


When did you know that development would end on this game?


I hope I can wake up in time to watch! :slight_smile:





That would have been a big reveal in future content. The fact that there’s reason no one knows how the Patterson Equations work.

Lester Milton Patterson was the first person to understand the Cherenkov geometries. But that understanding slowly drove him mad. In the end, he finished his groundbreaking work and promptly lost his mind.

In his final act before the madness took him, he built his insanity into the Patterson Equations. Anyone who studies his fomulae closely gets headaches, hallucinates, and eventually gives up. “Screw it, we know they work.”

He was the first person to see into the Monsters’ Universe (which may mean they DO come from Cherenkov space) and his death was mysterious and covered up by his partner, Alan Rank.

The monster’s know this man’s mind, and blame him from poisoning their realm with the toxic geometries of our universe. And they’ve come to our universe to fix this by nucleating a true vacuum.


Hyde’s real name is Eugene Walters.

No one calls him that.


That’s the best answer ever!


Paging @Takran