The Final Evolve Livestream Q & A

I’m gonna try and work some magic.


Oh man, get excited.

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Do you guys think that 2k will be able to keep the game alive and with content in the future of course? cuz right now they said they have no plans yet.


No backsies now, @Matthew! Fill the hole in my soul tomorrow! Or… Or I’ll have the worst sads ever. :frowning:


I coulda swore the livestream was today, been waiting for 17 mins for it to come online and now I feel stupid

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I actually don’t know, what happened to lazzy. He would either go down during Cataclysm or live till Extinction (that’s the ??? era where Parnelladin is from).

BUT his variant kit was awesome! We were going to have him be able to res at range, the players still wouldn’t get a strike, but they would slowly bleed out while they were up fighting (like zombies), to counter the bleed, they could shoot laz’s markers to heal themselves.

I don’t know about releasing art, but I can talk about what we had planned for some of those guys.

Hellfire Hyde would spray out a chemical gas with his primary and then be able to light the clouds with a flare mini gun causing explosions. We were thinking of giving him Daisy (He took her after Mad mags kicks the bucket) and giving her steel chompers with a more tanky health pool. We wanted that attack dog feel.

Phantom would do things that move the player. So the abduction variant would propel her in a straight line like charge, while allowing her limited air control. Any character she hit, she would grab and would be along for the ride.

Kala or Kalea was going to be an invoker style monster that used the abilities of other monsters(She mixed a bunch of monster DNA and injected it into herself, so it kind of fit). She would have 3 ability buttons when used in different combos produced unique effects. So if you hit, 1-1-3 you may get flame breath, 2-3-2 may give you rockwall. We would have made the abilities slightly different than their real counter parts, but largely the same. She would have been a very versatile monster.

Bucket was actually going to get a full team split between different eras.

The trapper bucket could throw out electrified fences in a line that if ran into would harm and mess with the monsters stam, he could also put down a turret mine that would throw up a mini dome, causing the monster to have to break the turret to get out.

Medic bucket or EMBucket was a hybrid of emet and bucket… like literally… after going down during cataclysm bucket installs himself in emets shell, gets all those random weird hostile feelings, but survives. His kit was going to be a mixture of Emet, bucket and Val. Think 3 turrets with medguns that share heal burst.

My favorite bucket though was WarBucket, a giant bucket in a war suit similar to Lennox. His primary was one of the wings for the Loreann fashioned into a giant sword and he could use his jetpack to stay in the air as long as he was hitting stuff.

Sunny fashions her own set of armor from Lenny’s suit after she passes and helps Paladin Parnell fight during the extinction era with War bucket (think all bulky mechanized hunter party).

I was on the fence if I was going to turn jack into this support character, but we had a kit planned that would link 2 characters together to share damage with the primary weapon of that character building the shield burst to counter act the damage. The other piece of gear was basically a Rock block ability that could block anything in a large area. I was thinking for Jacks new theme, something along the lines of him tinkering with the wrong tech and messing with his matter, but it never really formed into a real idea.

Wasteland group is from cataclysm which was like 5 years before Hyde’s mutants. Hyde didn’t form the group as much as tolerate other people trying to help him close up the weak points.

Glacial Bob is from the Extinction era.

:slight_smile: It was all for you guys

That would be cool for sure and fun to work on

Ya, we learned so much during the last couple years. I think we could write a novel do’s and don’ts!

I’ll asked. I’ll let you know

We had designs for Kala’s monster.

SO about that. The Queen Gorgon you were fighting in the Deepest Dark wasn’t the Queen, its one of the Queen’s guards. In the revised DD, we were going to put a huge slumbering Gorgon out on the horizon that uncoils at the end.

Decent amount


As Goliath took damage or used abilities he would get a stacking CDR buff. He would basically berserk.

I didn’t have any designs for her yet.

Yes, they would have. But the Monsters would have basically have sent Humans back to the Dark Ages.

Yes, using Kala they would have traveled through the weak points. Paladin, Warbucket, and Sunnex’s group would have given them a good sucker punched.

No, but Bucket would have inhabited his body for a time till they both got off Shear. I didn’t have a solid design for Emet’s variant.

No, Bucket lives till the end of the story.

Edit - I cleaned it up. Words better now, not gud gud. but better.


It’s awful… we missed lot of extraordinary stuff… even a hunter becoming a brand new monster as a variant… how would have she looked like as monster?




Is that jack?

All those adaptations… but especially the Laz one… hooooooly molly… O.o so awesome!


@Shaners Will you guys just say “Is Miley the Gorgon bae?” and “what could azmi had done me?” one time for me. I might not make it to the stream.

If not willl someone ask it for me please?

Was she going to be a monster, or a variant? Nevermind, read other responses. THAT’S AWESOME.

Yessss, I wanted this so bad.


If 2k decides to resume updates on evolve, is there a chance that they will consider your concepts? Because i love them


Holy shit my head is reeling! This is all so awesome, I can’t even handle it. Thank you so much for sharing!


Wait a second, on trello board there were 3 variants: assault, medic and trapper… we were about to get captain bucket??? O_O


Is there ANY way no matter how preposterous it sounds that we could help you to advertise or found the game?

How long did Jack live for?

The feel train doesn’t even end…


Could you release the dedicated server software?
Could you release a drm-free version with everything unlocked?

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