The final Batman v Superman trailer was AMAZING!


As a huge DC fan it’s everything I expected. The fight choreography was amazing. They finally got Batman right. Arkham style. He ruthless. He perfect. Alfred omg. The high octane tone of the trailer got my blood pumping. I died twice watching it I think, I lost count. The DC universe is going in the right direction I think with this current tone. Best comicbook movie of the year I’m calling it. What did you guys think?


I’ll link it in case ppl haven’t seen it


I like the batman scene, but still not interested in the movie. The concept of Batman vs Superman is just boring imo… I feel that they are rushing too fast to try and get the Justice League going in order to compete with The Avengers. Shortcuts that are hurting the DC movies more than helping imo.


Batman just RKO’s someone at 0:29, gg


I think I got more hyped by the editing of this trailer, that’s for sure.
I applaud whoever cut this trailer.


Wow that was awesome, the movies looking great! Hope it lives up to its hype.


Well its too early to say if it’s hurting or helping. I think the premise is genius. Batman sees superman as a threat as he and everyone else should. He basically leveled metropolis and being the crime fighting vigilante that batman is he isn’t going to wait to take action. Superman disagrees with Batman’s tatics of helping people and he basically tells batman he isn’t needed anymore. As a long time dc fan I’ve been waiting for these two juggernauts to share a screen together.

I think waiting for a man of steel 2 is the wrong idea because then it raises the question “where is batman” reverse engineering is the absolutely right way to do it while keeping themselves different from marvel as far as storytelling goes


I understand the concept of why, but Superman is just a stupid OP character. He only loses because he chooses to. There is no reason he couldn’t just take a satellite and throw it at Wayne Manner. The balance of power is what I dislike, not the reason for it.

I never said to wait for Man of Steel 2, I was more referring to bringing in Wonder Woman and rumors of other main characters in it as well. Make it just about the 2 of them, bringing in more seems silly at this point. The reason why The Avengers worked so well is because everyone knew the backstories for everyone before the movie came out due to all the original spin offs. Having an entire movie about Superman and Batman and that leaves little character growth for Lex (Who wasn’t around in the first Man of Steel), Wonder Woman and the ‘others’ that are rumored to show up.


As hyped as I was for seeing Wonder Woman in the trailer, I agree with this.

DC is just being DC at this point, ie trying to pathetically follow in Marvel’s wake. I might hate comic books as a whole (because of reasons) but at least they tried for the movie universe while DC is just going HEY US TOO GAIZ PLS.

I’m still probably seeing it because i’m a huge hypocrite BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT.


I understand but I just don’t see how this differs from ironman fighting thor or the hulk. Thor is a god and the hulk is unstoppable. Which in fact is the reason the Russo brothers took them out of civil war. But also batman has a crutch. The suit is made from zod’s Kryptonian battle armor and is also lined with krypton to weaken superman. So I think he is only trying to by time for something else. Superman won’t kill batman and he always holds back but make no mistake he is annoyed and is trying to stop batman.

And DC has a little more wiggle room with the introduction of their characters. Before avengers majority of movie goers didn’t know who ironman was or thor, or even cared about Cap. But DC characters origins are the most well known origins in comicbooks. I’ll be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit worried how the justice league will be introduced but I’ll be optimistic. This trailer gives me hope lol.


This scares me as well to many characters can destroy a movie. I mean look at spider man 3 just had to much going on and wasn’t good because of that.

Edit: well a lot of things made spider man 3 bad, but I feel the amount of new characters and villains was a big reason


But they never made an entire movie around that. It was side stuff at best.


Ugh, please not that again :slight_smile: But yes, I feel that too many characters hurt it.


I was talking more on your point about power levels


Oh, I’m fine with short bouts. The scene with Iron Man vs. Hulk was quick enough for a good action scene but didn’t need to be drawn out. That being said, I dunno why Iron Man just doesn’t sit in that suit all the time :stuck_out_tongue: (I know, plot reasons but still)


Hmm… No I think they are differentiating themselves from marvel with the tone and how they are choosing to tell the story and introduce key characters. The only similarity is individual movies connect to a larger scale and pretty much every major studio in Hollywood is doing that. Fox started it lol. If DC tried to be anymore different than Marvel they’ll be a musical


Did you see how quickly they went from “ok we might do a Robin is actually Batman” after Bale’s Batman when suddenly AVENGERS OH SHIT WE NEED TO GET THE JLA TOGETHER NOW.

What do you mean we can’t?



Doomsday was revealed in the trailer.
Lost all interest that moment.


TDKR was always going to be the last of the trilogy. Nolan wasnt coming back. And yeah, Warner Bros saw how successful the market for team up movies were so they’re taking advantage. Just like the western trend. Studios have to make money ya’know. It doesn’t take away from the fact that zack is staying true to the characters and is giving us an actual combative batman. Marvel didn’t invent a shared universe. Just made it popular. The real thing to take away from this is not what the studios decide to do but what what the writers and directors, and actors decide to present to us


They could have tried to slowly set up the universe, it’s much too soon much too fast. It’s like Amazing Spiderman 2 trying to do the same damn thing (although in their case it’s even worse because that series only exist just so Sony can keep the rights so).

I’m just pointing out how reckless they’re been because the Avengers was so successful but they didn’t seem to think about it.

Like I said, i’m still going to watch it because I want to see Superman and Batman fight (and I really like Snyder’s combat scenes) but it’s definitely dodgy how this movie came together. It feels a little bit too cynical.

Also, will strongly disagree with the statement about “staying true to the universe” while also mentioning “combative batman” in the same sentence.

Obviously it’s subjective but to me Batman is not about the battles. To me Batman is the world’s greatest detective which happens to be an incredibly flawed and arguably psychotic person who has to deal with his demons. That’s why Batman is fascinating and Superman is so boring. Supes is perfect and basically OP while Batman is this insane person who somehow gets things done.

Batman has interesting psychology under and overtones, Superman is just Jesus imagery (especially Snyder’s Superman).