The fellowship of Pugsley



It all started when pugdalf came to the pugsdale, and told pugsley and his friend brian(because that’s a normal name) that they had to run.

Sir Pugsley found a mount soon, but Brian(that motherfucker) was not as lucky.

he rode and rode till his horse died, but luckily there was a nearby unicorn.

once again he rode and rode, until the unicorn literally fell apart.

he searched far and wide for another mount.

he found the ultimate mount.

and then they killed everyone and rode into the sunset together, and lived hapilly ever after

:monster: THE END :monster:

Pugs Just Don't Do Well In This Game

That was (is crying) so… BEAUTIFUL!


thank you :relaxed:


Sir pugsley will be in my heart forever more, all will know of the adventures of sir pugsley


And his many adventures will be told… This will be the one thing people will remember 20 years from now when they think about Evolve


YES! A LEGACY HAVE BEEN BORN! :monster: :dog: :monster:


I have a friend with the surname Pugsley. She’s a funny one.


hahahaha that’s great xD


stage 3 gobi confirmed



that’s stage 2 :wink:


okay i guess :abe: