The Fastest Game *Ever* to Occur in Evolve


Seems like a normal ending screen right?


Look at the speech between the characters in the dropship

It’s the introductory talk while DROPPING down…

We didn’t even drop down for an engagement, the shuttle doors opened up then we started to fly away before it panned out for the animation.

Felt like the stops you’d take at gas stations while going on a family road trip…

I can hear Hank now in my mind yelling in the ships speakers “Next stop, some other infested planet!”


yeah I had this happen once. Not sure what went on.


On one of @MaddCow’s streams, we were so good, we won before we even dropped out the dropship.


Ha, I was there for that one.

I like to think that the monster spawned near a mammoth bird colony and was immediately destroyed. The hunters saw this from the drop ship and noped right back into orbit.


I guess the monster fell through the world hardcore or something but one time loading screen went to another loading screen to the endgame screen with the game time being -1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you! This has been logged! @niaccurshi, What system were you on when this happened to you? Thank you all!


Happens on PC to me, like 5x past month


happens on pc

mostly when the monster dc’s/ragequits mid loadingscreen


Maybe the monster killed himself on a tyrant?


nah, it was nest and the eggs spawned in as destroyed. I was dumbfounded. All ready to play a big and bad Behemoth game on nest but nope XP.


Yes, pc too


This has happened to me on xbox as well. The moment my team starts the game the monster dies. Usually it seems to happen when the monster quits or lags during the loading screen.


Thank you , thank you!