The Fallout 4 disscusion thread

no threads from what I saw were about Fallout 4 or the other games, so im making this to answer some questions and tell the latest news. have fun!

also requesting someone to put the traditional vaultboy on this thread, for old times sake!

waits anticipaitingly for other people to join

We already have a Fallout thread. Let me find it.

That Besthada conferance was awesome. like it was an hour of awesomeness. Nearly 7 years of waiting then having a near full run through and near release date. i wish i could say more about it but todd howard gpot it all covered so… yah its going to get a game of the year award and if it doesnt then those commie bastards won lol

Thank you Rose.

im still keeping the thread hugs defencsivly

Just kidding, you will not be banned.
Most likely.
All fear the might @MaddCow !

aims Fatman with v.a.t.s don’t. you. dare.