The Fallen (My Homebrewed D&D Campaign)


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So how do you remember all these details and dialog? Are you recording the sessions?


No, I have a near edietic memory. That being said, these were from the notes I did have for these particular sessions.

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Session 0.9 with Mikasa (Sarah) She is 9 so this story is a bit shorter and less in depth than the others.

Mikasa was born in the Silver Talon druidic tribe. This tribe rarely interacted with other tribes. Her tribe was tasked to keep the balance between The Southern Wilds and The Southern Plains civilized areas. Not many non-druids know how involved druids are in keeping The Wilds at bay. They move and grow like a living creature. Horrible and terrible things live in these Wilds. The difficulty in keeping them in check has been progressively getting harder to achieve. Despite her tribe’s best effort, they have been unable to keep the forces at bay.

Not too long ago her clan was asked to hold a new breach in The Southern Wilds while another tribe, The Sun Mares, would go in and try to cleanse a portion of it out. Her tribe paid a high price and were defeated in a fierce battle. She was left for dead and the creatures that overran her tribe killed many who were trying to purify the breach. The rupture wasn’t sealed. Over time the story of what happened began to circulate and soon the other tribes began spreading rumors that the Silver Talon tribe ran away during the battle in order to save themselves and left the others to die. Her tribe has been considered dishonored ever since.

As such, Mikasa distanced herself from others and has mostly spent time with the animals out in the wilderness. She offers her services as a guide from time to time but usually keeps to nature. Lately, she was getting weird dreams and visions from her tribal ancestors. Her parents and grandparents ask for her to set things right and restore honor to her tribe. Doing something heroic should restore their name legacy and they will be able to rest knowing that their tribe’s name is whispered with honor once more.

In one of her more recent dreams, her tribal elder specifically said that there will be one whom she will guide that will bear the sign of the Goat. Lead this person to their destination and by helping them she will be on the path of restoring the honor among her tribe. Do what it takes to protect them and see their journey through. The bearer of the Goat will face great evil and need your help. The Silver Talon tribe will answer the call and help.

Since the dream, she has been helping guide people around The Southern Plains ever watching for the sign of the Goat. One day she hopes to find this person.

Mikasa had been doing work around Sutton, one of the frontier towns near The Southern Wilds. Today she is escorting someone from the Crossroad Inn to Sutton. The wilderness here is new and unspoiled. Dangerous. Her charge is a farmer looking for a fresh start in the frontier town. He is a bit slow but has a stutter. He introduces himself as Bilgar. Along the way, she encounters a few goblins that try to ambush them. Mikasa makes quick work on them using her knowledge of spells and self-defense.

Bilgar thanks Mikasa and decides to carry on despite the danger. She takes it a bit slower weary that something else might be out there. She arrives at the bridge that is close to Sutton and is able to deliver Bilgar to safety. He thanks her and offers some coin in exchange. He mentions that she is more than welcome to come by again in the future. Perhaps he’ll have some nice crops to offer to show his appreciation.

While in Sutton she stops by Stromea’s Surveyors to see if there are any jobs for her on the way back to The Crossroad Inn. She finds someone who is wanting to leave Sutton and head back up North. She goes through town, several of the inhabitants of Sutton stare at she, others seem wary of strangers. After a little while, she finds the man in question.

He introduces himself as Elmer and only carries a small bag with him. “Is this all you are taking?” She asked.

He blurts out, “I would take more but… I just want to leave this place. It gives me the creeps.”

Mikasa looks around and doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary but decides to take him anyway. He is very quiet while walking through Sutton and on a couple of occasions she can see him staring at a few people longer than needed. Once she is well away from the town he eases his guard up a bit. He chatters a little to pass the time, and most likely, get stuff off his mind. “I don’t know what happened. I was visiting some friends down here and they barely even recognized me. They were acting weird and different. Not like my friends at all.”

He paused to see if she would chime in but Mikasa didn’t chit chat all that much. Instead, she was too busy keeping an eye and ear open for anything dangerous. He goes on. “I kept hearing strange sounds in the middle of the night and decided to leave this place. I think it’s cursed.” She doesn’t make good time and feels that she needs to take a quick break. Mikasa thinks she hears sounds behind her but when she turns around she doesn’t see or hear anything. Elmer catches on and hands her some minor healing potions in case things get bad.

She makes a small camp that evening and pulls out some food and starts eating. She looks around and notices the local trees and plants are starting to wilt and die. Come to think of it, she doesn’t really hear any normal insects or wildlife the last little bit of the journey. This area feels like it’s dying. It almost feels like the blight that sometimes accompanies The Wilds when they try to expand. Before she can think much on it she hears some rustling in the bushes a little way out.

Straining her eyes she eventually sees 2 reptilian creatures. When they get closer she starts to be overwhelmed by an awful stench. She recognizes the smell. Troglodytes. Normally they live underground in caves. She doesn’t know what they would be doing above ground and in a situation like this. She and Elmer make their stand. Elmer proved semi-competent as a fighter and he is able to kill one.

When the first one dies the second decides to run off but a shock of lightning from Mikasa stops him in his tracks and he is slain. Elmer asks if she can skip the camp and just push on. She agrees. Still, the fact that she saw Troglodytes and the forest starting to wither has her on edge. It isn’t for another hour before life seems to return to the forest and she feels more at ease.

She eventually arrives at The Crossroad Inn and Elmer is extremely grateful. He hands her some coins and wishes her well. He immediately heads in to get a room and sleep off today’s adventure. She looks through any new messages and finds two others that are wanting to head down south to Sutton. She is slightly hesitant but decides to wait until morning before taking the job. She wants a little bit of rest and perhaps daylight. The last trip was odd enough at night.

She looks around the room. There is a father teaching his daughter how to count coins and change from one denomination to another. Mikasa hasn’t been inside the inn for a while and she forgets how cozy it can be. The bartender isn’t familiar to her and he looks afraid and nervous though she isn’t sure why. In a corner of the room, she sees a table of shady looking people. She recognizes some of their gear and deduces that they are slavers. Not the nicest people to have around. She thinks that this is why the Innkeeper is nervous but isn’t sure.

The assignment describes what the two people look like and she looks around the inn. She notices that they are here but decides to skip introductions just for now. However, she glances down at the hand of one of them, a woman, and notices a beautiful signet ring. On it is the crest of a Goat. She muses for a moment and decides that it can’t be a coincidence. This must be the one she was meant to help.

All of a sudden the room grows quiet as a few large cloaked figures walk into the Inn. She recognized the overall shape. Dragon Knights. She immediately looked at the slavers in the corner who already have eyed the newcomers and have started to whisper with each other. The Dragon Knights sit down and order some food when the Slavers get up without paying for their meal and head for the door. This can’t be good.