The Fallen (My Homebrewed D&D Campaign)


I’ve been working on a project for a little while now. It started with me wanting to play some D&D with my wife and 6-year-old son. Eventually, my brother decided he wanted in. After that, a couple of our friends and their daughter wanted in. As such, it turned from a quick series of adventures into a flown blown campaign.

I got inspiration for presenting the info dump doc from @SlabOMeat and have decided to present the information from the point of view of other characters in my world. This way the information is not 100% reliable, and it also helps demonstrate what is happening in the world at the time. I think it came out really well and while its good enough to get started with the campaign, I’m going to go back and change a bunch of things down the road.

I also want to give a nod to Matt Coleville as I shameless started the impromptu GMing sessions with bits of his world and have since transformed a good amount of it to make it my own. (He does have an honorary cameo in the book though)

I would love to hear what other people think of Stromea and the way this is presented. Feel free to steal ideas from it and if you have any suggestions or critique please let me know. I’m also hoping to do a D&D series of videos narrating the adventures of the group. So far I’ve done 1 on 1 session with everyone to get them up to speed and to have the group come together for our first group adventure next weekend.

I highly recommend that you use the ‘present’ option in the top right to view everything in full screen. I might end up animating the whole thing and adding music and sound effects as it evolved from a journal info dump into something more like a graphic novel at times. Without further ado, here it is!

<3 you guys/gals/ai.


I think you should check out to keep all of this together. Seems like it would be perfect for you and your setting.


I’ll check it out though I am using Mastermind Planner myself currently :slight_smile:


The cow has returned to us! In all seriousness, though, this thread does remind me that I need to get my thumb out of my arse and actually start putting shit together so I can try running for my friends.


Its good fun :slight_smile: And ya, I’ve been lurking and busy lately.


Ooof… So I checked it out. Thats a dangerous rabbit hole I’m not sure I want to fall in :slight_smile: I get REALLY into my world building sometimes…



So I haven’t updated this like I originally wanted to. We are/were originally going to play this Saturday and I was going to have each of my 6 player’s one on one stories written/narrated in a novel like fashion for their memory and so I can show what I’m doing and all that, but I’be been flat out sick. I’ve had some pretty awful fever spikes and cold sweats and just haven’t slept in about half a week. I’m hoping it clears up enough that we can play this weekend. If we do, I’ll hopefully have those updated by the weekend.

I have had a little time to add a few things that I want in my campaign. Namely ‘Plot Junctions’. Basically when the party resolves a major plot thread the ‘game’ will sort of pause and have a video game like moment where the group will decided what to do. On top of the results of that decision, I have also placed ‘plot treasure’ items that are picked up but not identified until after resolving which card that they want. They will then get some items that are directly connected to that path/route.

I’m going to utilize some form of Tarot card like product to display possible options for them and to let them know that the choices they don’t choose will proceed forward and affect the rest of the world in various ways. My first plot junction is most likely when they hit 3rd level and defeat their first ‘big bad evil guy’. Most likely my first 3 of these will be represented by the following:

War - War is coming. This will turn the campaign into more of a military focused campaign. They weill work with other military units to help perform rescues, escorts, invasions and defenses of various towns, villages and other minor population centers. It will introduce large scale combat, mortal wounds (Wounds that cannot be healed with magic, only medicine check rolls) so that you can’t just bring back a commander/important person over and over) and other similar themes. This path represents continued exploration of the 2 Dragon Knight characters in the party, especially the Military Captain KyGara.

Unsolved Mysteries - This one will resolve more around the exploration of the world, namely for answers regarding the Books of Power. This will be the more traditional Dungeons and Dragons with a bit more emphasis on information, decoding, and exploration of old and possibly new areas in the world. Here they are more likely to uncover more about the world’s overall lore as well as information or leads towards pages or books of power. This will result in the continued exploration of 2 of my character’s backgrounds that are after the secrets of the world… no matter the cost.

Revenge - An evil has been growing in the swamps near The Southern Wilds and this evil has been collecting the dead… but to what purpose. This plot junction takes the story on following a mysterious new power that is rising and threatens to be a threat. This will also have a lot of information gathering, but a lot of it is trying to unravel what it is that this big bad evil guy is doing AND how to stop him/her/it. They might have to recover some sort of magic item, or perhaps storm his mysterious tower in order to end his terror. This will tie in 2 of my other character’s backgrounds. One of which watched as this evil bad guy murdered her husband and love of her life, as well as her entire village.

So those are the 3 big ones. I would say that 5 out of 6 of my players are new to Roleplaying (With 2 kids of course) and so having these plot junctions is a good way to help keep the world ‘fairly’ open world but without having them feel lost on what to do next. They also have the option of pursing none of these and doing their own thing. I put in plot hooks from all their backgrounds into some of these to have them vested in a little.

It will be interesting to see if they choose something based on how it changes/adds to the gameplay mechanics, if it directly applies to their personal background story, or whether the idea of those plot lines not being dealt with and the consequences spilling out into the rest of the world.