The Evolve Wiki Discussion


So if you go to the official site -> community -> wiki. It will bring to the official evolve wiki.

In this topic the community can talk about problems with the wiki, missing pages, not enough, misinformation, etc.

Also, if people know something they could add to the wiki post here or even better post on the wiki, it is open to everyone.

Thank you :smile:


Link? I don’t see any wiki.


Official site as in evolve not turtle rock forum.
Heres the link though


We need some lead Wiki writers for the official wiki ( or maybe even create a community wiki).
People who have spent time with the game, as well with other games. People who have experience with online games, who knows how to write and share stuff properly…

( i could be one, since i have a lot of experience making guides and wiki posts, in the past i have made a like 200 guides on various games and more than 500 wiki posts for some other games, like warframe , APBR etc etc etc… Im good writer unless im sleepy or…well drunk).


I could help. I am a good writer!


Thanks, kinda of an oversight to not link it T_T


One thing I think should be on the wiki is maps, and I know that there is a page on it. Literally this is what Dam says The Dam is a map in Evolve. this was taken right from the page. I would like a bit more than that. For examples areas where there are high populations of monster. Thanks :slight_smile:


If you are looking for a higher quality wiki, take a look here:

This one is a lot cleaner than the others I’ve seen, and has lots of good info.


But the other one is the official one.