The EVOLVE Season Pass


Ok, so as of the 3rd of February, I assume everyone knows that the season pass for evolve comes with 4 new hunters whenever they come out, and three skins for the first three monsters. So I want go into more detail about these things. I am very excited about this, and plan on buying them, as I have already pre-ordered the game and the thought of new toys to kill sounds fun. Yet I have a single problem with this whole season pass business.
In each of the articles listed below, it does not once say that the season pass will continue to give us more than what is shown. As the game revolves around its DLC releases, I find myself skeptical of the notion of $25 US dollars actually purchasing all of its later content. I’m not the richest person in the world, nor does my job satisfy my gaming desires, so I would really appreciate it if someone could give me peace of mind before is spend the money on 4 characters and 3 skins. I just want another scam like Borderlands did to us. I’d be willing to pay $30-45 dollars to buy something like the EVOLVE HUNTING LICENSE for everything.

Thanks for reading this -Fishnado ><( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)>

EDIT So the answer for those who don’t want to read the arguments is a sad no. The alleged Season Pass is not an actual pass. Here is a nice little picture for your savings if you would enjoy that.


I would say you might have a point, but it clearly says ‘Hunter Pass’ not Season Pass.


I’m new so I only get to post two links per post so here are more.


Evolve Hunting Season Pass



Ya, there is no season pass for this game. It’s a DLC bundle called Hunter Pass.


It’s called season pass in steam? Weak sauce! I take it back then :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t know they changed the name of it after it was announced.


Yeah its all kinda weird i agree.But there is no complete Season Pass.Whatever you buy you get what the info says.After that if new hunters/monsters come you will have to buy it.There is not a complete season pass.

Hope that clarifies things for you.


Just today, we touched upon why you’ll want in on the Hunting Season Pass (Hint: Monster skins and four additional Hunters!), but here’s the short form version of what you’ll need to know about the season pass.

This Is directly from the Evolve website. it says nowhere about a Hunter pass, but a Hunting Season Pass


Which is why I took back what I said. It was originaly only called a Hunter Pass or a Hunting Pass. Regardless, @WiBaKi is correct. There is NO season pass in the traditional sense. It’s all DLC bundles called Season Hunting Pass.


There is no defending them on that.They screwed up DLC’s and pre-purchases and bundles and season passes.Not TRS of course that’s 2k.Anyway read my post above that’s how it works.


this “season pass” includes 4 hunters and 3 monster skins. D*move!


Easy their Tiger. I wouldn’t lump ‘scammed’ in with what they are doing. Shady, maybe, but they are hardly trying to scam people. It clearly says what does and doesn’t come in the Hunting Season Pass.


Dude, over on Steam we’ve been bitching about this ever since the Evolve store page went up. E-mails are unanswered, 2K is silent yet they can’t possibly not know the problems people have been having or how dodgy it all is.


And thats fine. Discussing it here and bringing attention to it is fine, but don’t bring the hostility. TRS has no ability to change these things. It’s all done by the publisher.


I don’t think there is anyone on the forums here defending the HOW they did it.They have the pre-order button up like 4 months now and the last month they are adding even more ways to pre-order with better bundles but there are some cases that you can’t cancel pre-order to buy what you want.Its like they’re saying you w/e go buy 2 times the game.
Also i agree that they could have named it somewhat different than hunter SEASON PASS.Something like Tier 4 PASS.

Even tho i’m fanboying this game this is the truth


I agree, we should go out and burn things in protest.

At this point I may be only hearing what I want to hear.


I agree with the cat @WiBaKi. That is why I was surprised they put Season in the title. I thought it was originally called Hunting Pass. Either way, the marketing done with this game is just face palm levels.


one might say some gameplaymechanics are face palm level. but that is for another thread.

i bought the PCMR for 65€ and i really will not care for a long time about DLC.


If you don’t like the gameplay mechanics than why buy it?


This.I also did the same.Its the first time i’m buying DLC’s and pre-ordering at the same time.At least i’m going to do it properly


Again This. :slight_smile: How can you not like gameplay mechanics but want to play the game?