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This topic is dedicated to news stories online for Evolve, If you find anything useful or interesting, feel free to post it here! I’ll keep this updated regularly.

Third Monster Deduced! (As much as I can ^_^)

I like how the Goliath holds the medic and smack her down XD


Its called force r*pe XD


I just wanna say one thing and I’m leaving this discussion alone. I think since they have a contract with 2K… think about it… that’s all I’m gonna say. I just hope whoever takes his place, will be as enthused as he was about the competitive scene for Evolve. And I also wish Josh the best of luck!


( Just want to point out there’s a few new articles I’ve added. The most recent one gives you advice on hunting. It’s really good )


On the forums? I don’t see them


They’re at the top of this feed


Thanks, didn’t see the them put up there


I did not see this article before, but I am glad I did. Thanks @Plaff


No problem, I’ll add more when more news is revealed :+1:


i wanna beta already


and if they have a beta it will be out during the summer maybe. just a guess


That sounds about right. But it’s only two and a half months until it’s officially Fall/Autumn! That’s not too long away realistically. It’ll be here sooner than you think


yeah you are right


Evolve probably won’t have a public beta, unless 2K expects it to sell exceptionally well. If we do see a “public beta” or demo, technically speaking, then it could be a month before release; a release that could still be in November. I think your best bet to get your hands on the game, apart from a closed beta, might be at PAX Prime.


It’s by the people who made LFD, it made cover of GI, and it’s one of the most anticipated games of 2014, I don’t think they doubt that it should sell well. I just hope if they do a beta we’ll be the first ones to know. Hoping they announce one at e3


(Added a new link, it goes into detail about the changes Evolve has seen recently, including light changes, animation changes and perk changes. Check it out at the top of this feed)


(More news. Added the link for an interview with @SlabOMeat. It’s (as always) at the top of this feed)


Thanks for adding more news, i hope you will continue adding more news.
I think i’m going to use those news on the Evolve group i made on steam ^^

well i have not had time to update it cause of school stuff and other stuffs :confused: