The evolve hate though


Omg the game is going to come out with only 3 monsters. Haha no I checked on the wiki and wiki never lies lol but 4 confirmed at release and the 5th preorder 1. And 12 maps is a lot. I think 3 sets of hunters is a decent amount but they could have more. Just that is annoying bit my question is will there be more game modes? I think that might get repetitive but I’m going to buy this game. Too fun. Skins is also an extra cool thing to customize monster. On YouTube it kinda gets annoying with the 1 cell comments bout this game. You can hate the game but not with false intell pleez 5 monsters or 4 monsters is awesome just for release. At the end I would like about no less than 7 monsters and 16 hunters. But this game looks VERY good in the graphics department and audio is great too IMO. Just more content is my only issue that they will problaly make


I believe it’s 3 monsters on release with a 4th as free DLC if you pre-order. There’s more game modes, but we don’t what they are yet.

I’m buying this game because I believe the gameplay is hell of a lot funner compared to everything else on the market currently and with upcoming release.

I think most people don’t realize the content is roughly the same when L4D came out and it had the same criticisms before release, and then it turned out to be successful. The replayability was the strongest factor in its success, I know because I logged like 600+ hours on L4D2 alone just playing Versus over and over and it took a long time before I got tired of it, even if half my matches quit by the second round, lol.


Yes only 3 monsters 12 hunters on release then at a later date 4th monster that if you preordered you’ll get free and more game modes but there being all hush hush about it


I’d like to know where this idea came about that more content = better game. Some people like to claim they’re paying $60, so they want good value. I’d counter that I’d much rather pay $60 for a nice steak dinner rather than a big box of SPAM. Sure, you get more total food with the box of SPAM, but I’m not going to enjoy it like I would the steak dinner. Having 100 playable characters and 36 different game modes isn’t going to improve the Evolve experience. The content being released will give you hundreds of hours of fun. That’s more than a bargain for $60.


It probably came from games made 10 to 15 years ago. Games that had 30 to 40+ maps, 16 to 24+ characters with multiple factions represented, 5+ game modes with full customization of every little detail, and multiple bonus packs containing extra content for free. Some games had fewer maps that were easily 6 to 10 times the scope of smaller maps and made up for a lack of characters with vehicles. These games sold for a full price of $40 or $50 based on what the standard was back then. Most of them came with mod tools too. $60 to $80 collector editions commonly came with hefty instructions on creating your own content and other useful goodies.

Gaming content used to be quite limited in the early days. Then there was this explosion of stuff around 1998 to 2005. Since then the amount of content in games has been dwindling again. The exception to this seems to be the F2P phenomenon which has an ever expanding amount of content if you’re willing to pay multiple times what a full priced game should cost.


I think releasing some videos of a new gamemode would get ris of some of the hate. A lot of hate is saying that there will won’t be any other gamemodes but hunt.


On the wiki it’s said TBA then TBA dlc though :frowning:


It is confirmed. There will be 3 monsters at launch, and those that preorder will get the first dlc monster for free when it becomes available. And so far only 12 hunters are confirmed, but you should expect more DLC in the future


That would be awesome. :smile: Most of my friends aren’t following Evolve anymore because they think it’s too e-sports/competitive focused. I keep checking here post-alpha hoping I have some good news to bring back to them.