The Evolve Haiku Contest WINNERS ANNOUNCED!


NEWS: The contest is officially closed for entries but we still need your help! Please read through the posts and cast your votes by liking everything you like…but space it out both because there are many entries but also to not use up all of your likes for the day, lol. Please give everyone a fair read that participated and thank you all who entered! This was a big contest! Voting will close on the 8th…Sunday night.

Hello everyone! It’s finally that time again at long last! I just wanted to start up a new contest here since it’s been a while. I hope you all will enjoy it and have a fun time with it, as you have with my others. That being said, here are the nitty gritties:

Creative Writing

It’s Haiku time! Time to break out your inner poet and come up with something creative, funny, witty, or insightful. You are limited to having a 3 sentence 5-7-5 poetic format, counting the syllables of a word. Example, Goliath is 3 syllables.

Here is a sample Haiku:
Goliath loves meat.
Tasty sweet treat mammoth bird.
A bit too shocking!

You may enter as many haikus as you wish, and are not limited to just one. However, you will only be allowed to win once. Please drop your haikus below as a comment to enter! If you submit multiple entries, please limit one haiku per post so that each haiku can be voted on in and of itself. You can begin voting as the haikus pour in.

1st Place: 1 hard cover copy of The Art of Evolve and 1 Monster or Hunter Skin Pack* (please note that the upper left corner dust jacket has a slight tear; see photo. I snagged it, my bad…but inside is perfect condition)

2nd Place: 1 Monster or Hunter Skin Pack*
3rd Place: 1 Monster or Hunter Skin Pack*

This time voting will be quite different than with my prior contests, and much more simple. If you see a haiku you like, then hit the heart button and “Like” it. The haiku with the most likes wins! Second and third places will also be determined this way. I personally will deal with any ties, depending on how that works out.

October 31st at Midnight PST!

Devs, Mods, and Leaders are all welcome to participate as well as vote. *Skin Pack winnings ARE LIMITED to what is listed in the DLC steam store. Basically, if the skin pack is allowed to be gifted, I will purchase it and gift it to the winners. I am unable to purchase and gift certain skins, so I have to limit the winnings to only the skin packs listed in the DLC store on the Steam page. Also, I will read and enjoy every Haiku, but I personally will not be “liking” any to refrain from the voting process.

Sidenote: I adore the page I opened the book to. Is that an Oakley illustration? It’s killer!



Ohhh, how cool! Here goes:

Markov the assault
Has fallen to Wraith. Arise!
Lazarus Device.


Toilet loves her Hyde.
She wants a hugging pillow.
This is called obsessed.


Pythios flies high.
He spreads his dragon wings wide.
Feng Shui likes his tail.


Midnight is totes bae.
She does not admit her love.
She is tsundere.


Bot is a robot.
He speaks in ones and zeroes.
Sentry Gun understands.


Shin does love Midnight.
He is not shy of admitting.
Rosey does not dare to.


The mods keep it clean.
They watch us and protect us.
We should be grateful.


Monster is stage 3?
Markov is always stage 3!
It’s snowing on mount fuji

(Mod Edit: removed non-Haiku text)


Hi Lazarus Man.
You thought I moved on from him.
I have some bad news.


Oh the joys of Wratih.
Teleporting through portals.
The most awesome bug.


Foolish young Jackal,
You brought them all here to die.
Pick a god and pray.


Monsters hunts us down
They run in fear, death awaits
I can hide no more


Shear need a hero,
A savior of colonists.
Planet need Markov.


Stupid, fat Daisy,
Running around in the dirt,
Yet still delicious.


Sentry sees monster.
Sentry starts shooting monster.
The Monster is dead.


From the eldritch depths,
Abominations arise.
They hunger for you.


The team is up high
Out of the drop-ship we fly
This monster shall die


chitinous horror
a skittering sound, then death
blood dries by moonlight