The evolve forums puns thread


Here is where you make jokes or lines involving puns with evolve and the forums. If you are not making puns, then it will be considered off-topic. You need to at least use 1 pun for the replies okay.

You can even express the puns through photoshopped images or images with puns on them. This thread revolves only on puns and the purpose of this thread would be destroyed if it was moved to say something random. So don’t assume it belongs to the say something random thread.

I think that covers everything, let the puns begin! also I forgot when making a pun use _ _ for easier identification

Pun off for evolve

Man this is kraken me up, I hope this won’t cause an aftershock in this thread.


This might prove valueable to me later on

Credits to @Jedi_Warrior


I was going to put that same thing! I knew there was a Slim chance of someone else saying it first. Hank you very much for ruining it for me. I don’t know why I came out from Hydeing just for you to steal my line Jack! That’s enough outta me. I guess I’m gonna Markov my list, “Make evolve puns”


sorry about that but I didn’t want to get striked downed for not being punny and bringing Laughz to the people that go-liath around.


I love how this thread is Evolve-ing. :joy:


What’s with the behemoth wall of text?

I just fissured out what this thread is for…

I guess this is what happens when you go rolling around on the forums…


If I post Laz reworks here, I’ll feel the wraith of the mods.

Plot twist: it’s a decoy from my master plan.

If TRS found out that I was going to make T10 for them, the community would cause such a supernova of excitement.


@Jedi_Warrior this was made for us my friend .
My new favorite thread .


Man, I’m really kraken myself up.

Damn, that ones already used. Hope I don’t get a lightning strike of hate comments.

It would cause me to cry because of the aftershock.


I bet you guys couldn’t wait to warp blast in here.


let me tongue grab your attention cause I am the lava bomb!

no? darn it took me 10 minutes to come up with those


Well at least @ToiletWraith didn’t warp blast into this thread full of these punny puns, Hank goodness for that.


I’m just gonna Hyde away until this all blows over.


The Shear amount of puns in this thread is awesome. I was going to do one of those kraken puns but I don’t want to mimic anyone elses. I thought I wouldn’t caira bout it, but it seems I’m not abel to do it. I don’t want to make a mammoth of a post so I’ll take a breaver for now.

I love this thread already. :smile:


I know this post is just a decoy , the real corny ones are to come :wink: . From the both of us relay (really) , there’s more to come, we’ll be the monsters of this thread, and everyone will love the shear quality of our puns.


I can see us visiting this thread quite frequently nomader how quiet or late it is. We’ll be here to rescue this thread if it slows down so having buckets of puns at the ready would be great. Hank you very much for tagging me in the first place.


Everyone’s gonna need an evacuation for what we’ve got in store though.My puns are evolving I’ve been nesting the good one’s, saving them for the future.


I’m gonna be so tempted to Laz this thread in a year, but I’m all have forgotten about it Gorgone from the forums by then


These puns are shear delight.