The Evolve appreciation thread


Given that I have had a bit of time to play around with Evolve I decided to make this thread and give my 2 cents about the game. Granted, I kinda spoiled the whole damn thing with the title but whatever :smiley: So anyways thank you TRS. Thank you for giving me and so many others such a original multiplayer experience. Thank you for the awesome world you created (except FOR THOSE DAMN CARNIVOROUS PLANTSā€¦ahem sorry). Thank you for the great character balance [insert Wraith joke here]. But most of all, thank you for actually taking the time to foster such a great community.

It's been a year since I played Evolve and

Always nice seeing someone put up a grateful thread rather than all of the gimme me refund threads


100% agreed. Thank you so much for this awesome game, I posted a rather long thank you letter last week, Iā€™ll keep this one to a short and simple thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.