The evil within tips and helps


Title is self explanatory


don’t choke on the toxic fart gas in a warehouse


Well what difficulty did you choose? Normal? I would say first upgrade how many matches you can hold and your health bar. try to group guys close together than shotgun them in the legs and put a match on them for an easy multi kill.


You must! Fight! Your inner! DEMOOOONS!


Oh man, try your best to save ammo for later on because goddamn it gets overwhelming. Make use of all the traps to your advantage early on!


Normal I chose


Can’t really advise much. It depends on how you go about things and try your best to conserve ammo until you really need it.

Although later on the game stops being scary and it more or less just gets weird.

Sadly as I played it I was kinda making fun of the logic in some parts like breaking boxes and how they were breaking from a punch and the fact that some enemies have a pipe through their brain but a single stab from your knife from behind kills them and the fact that your character doesn’t use the knife for Melee combat and just punches things instead.

But yeah, focus on saving ammo and balance your upgrades. Get a little bit of everything ammo wise. Damage and Reload Speeds aren’t that big of a deal. Although I would focus on Sprint Energy. It’s freaking stupid how a guy is chasing you with a chainsaw right behind you and you sprint for 2 seconds and your character must STOP and kneel over to catch his breath because he is the most unfit detective in video game history.

So yeah… there’s my advice.

Don’t get me wrong I kinda enjoyed the game but I had to make fun of it for viewer pleasure.

Oh and make sure you know how to make Crossbow Ammo from the scraps you find!


When he first broke a box with a punch, I was like this guy is hella strong


Save ammo, use stealth when available. Aim for the head, always aim for the head. Use melee if you have to, fight or flight, sometimes fighting is not the best option, run and get to safety. Look for supplies thoroughly, even if you’re scared. They hide the best stuff in the places you don’t want to go in fear.


This game isn’t scary for me

Aim for the head: so like most horror games gotcha


Precisely :wink:


Yeah the game has a little bit of “Inception Gone Horror/Weird.”

Definitely go Sprint Energy because it is the most useful upgrade without question and you’ll learn to praise it like Numbness in Dark Souls 2 vs Bosses on max intensity.

So many times before the upgrade I was like “SPRINT FARTHER YA LOUSY BUM!!!”

And the final upgrade let’s you hit a full 10 seconds of Sprinting with increased sprint recovery.


Yeah I would try to group and shotgun with matches is the best things you can do. You can even pistol guys in the knees if you are a good shot. That is what I do on Akumu which on that you get killed in one hit so it should work on normal. I try to let matches do a lot of the work since upgraded you have so many.


And that’s another thing!

Why are they so damn combustible!?

And since they are so combustible why not just throw lit matches at them!?

Evil Within Logic blows!


hahah yeah it is a fun game, but it is odd how they are so combustible. my whole game plan is trying to get matches on the bad guys. I really liked the game still the first half is great, but the second half is kinda weak I don’t like the city area. It was cool in the village and church the start is awesome


Yeah, like I said it was scary at first but then it just kinda got weird and my Dad and I don’t like weird.

I like being scared not confused.

Like in Black Ops 3, it was alright and was pretty basic at first then plot twists happened and then it got weird towards the end like when you killed enemies in one area they flew sideways because gravity kicked in on the island to the side that was… on its side…


Yeah the story was beyond confusing. I still like the game and would want to see a second just focus more on the scary parts like you said.


Yeah I need to do the DLC but the overall game impression makes me kinda “Meh…” in the decision making.

Hell “Thief” had a level in an Asylum and it was scarier than most scary games and “Thief” is just about stealing shit. It had a story but it didn’t make sense in the end and had some Cutscene inconsistencies that irked me.


Yeah I just love resident evil 4 and it plays a lot like it, so it is the kinda thing I am into. also it gives me a hellraiser vibe and I love that movie. but two of the DlCs are really great when you can’t really fight and you just have to hide from the monsters. the third isn’t that great you play as a boss and its in first person.


Yeah Hellraiser was pretty good. The SafeHead boss reminded me of that what with all the razor things.

I lost my love for Resident Evil nowadays. The remakes of the original and Zero were pretty good although the voice acting in Zero left a bit to be desired but oh well.