The Evil Within opinions?


Any opinions on this game? Just wondering if it was worth buying.


I’m curious on this to. It ‘looked’ interesting, but somehow the game and story felt clunky while trying to avoid spoilers and see reviews on it.


I never play this kind of games.I’m a lil b*tch xD 2spooky4me




Honestly i still play L4D with no sound.That Witch crying…I just can’t :’(


I enjoy some of the better scary ones. I REALLY enjoyed Amnesia and Outlast. Amnesia: Machine of Pigs seemed… a little weird so I haven’t tried it. Five nights at Freddy wasn’t scary and wasn’t that great of an experience tbh though people lapped it up. I guess the same is with Goat Simulator. I just don’t even get… moving on. :slight_smile:






I was hyped for it, pre-ordered it, played it for a few days and lost interest. It wasn’t scary, especially considering you can stalk and stealth kill the “zombies”, the controls and camera angles were clunky (which was part of the “experience”) and the main character can’t run for more than 1.5 seconds without nearly dying from an asthma attack. The story was… eh and the main villain looks completely out of place. If you can snag it cheap, like Steam sale cheap, it’s… kinda worth it?


Alien Isolation is a decent horror game. I totally hated the Alien franchise mix ups with the game, but the mechanics are pretty decent. My wife enjoyed it for a bit to.


I might actually play Alien some day simply cause im a fan of the movies.But ofc…No sound


I got 2 games on steam sales a while ago, Alan Wake and… ooh I can’t recall the other, but it was the director’s cut. Something like a murder mystery… I heard good things about them so I’m eager to check them out one of these days.


Playing Alien: Isolation without sound would be really hard imo.


K then.Another game i wont play :slight_smile:


Honestly, I bought both Alien Isolation and Evil Within. Evil within had some really cool moments… in the beginning. Afterwards the story and gameplay felt very disorganized. I ended up selling it and buying the expansion pass to Alien Isolation instead since I can never get tired of that game. The DLC add ons were also legitimately enticing.

Do yourself a favor and get the Ps4 gold surround sound headsets. It scared the crap out of me playing Alien.


You can watch my playthrough of the game. That way you can enjoy when I die without having to hear anything. Subtitles are on :stuck_out_tongue: Also, you won’t hear me rant about things I have issues with :stuck_out_tongue:


Hah as much as i like you,i never enjoy watching other people play.I always close them within 5 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:
Even at twitch.I can’t stay more than 10 mins in any channel :smile:

(except one guy who i watch to laugh not his gameplay lol)


Alan Wake was fun, I really enjoyed it. Not sure if I’d play it again, but it was worth buying and putting in the hours to get through the story.


Yeah I saw some vids and it looked kinda slow and seemed like it would get very frustrating. But it was on sale for 30 so figured I would ask.


Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s not really that great in the horror aspect, you’re character is inept af, clunky controls, a plot that’s sort of a jumbled mess, and a lot of your deaths will come from trial and error bullshit. It’s not terrible though.


The meat locker and cat and mouse scene with the chainsaw maniac was good. After that… downhiiillllll. I liked the spider-lady-Japanese-ghost-mutant-demon-beast though.