The Ethnicity of Lazarus, Ðorde Živkovic Revealed (Not German)


Continuing the discussion from Hunter’s ethnic Background: TRS can into diversity?:

So I’m getting tired of everyone claiming that Lazarus is of German heritage so I started this thread for easy reference.

The Lazarus Effect- The Beginning of the Lazarus Device?!?!

I thought it was obvious from just the name. If not Serbian, then definitely from somewhere around the Balkans.


dude…he’s not from Germany, he is from SPACE-Germany, which is a state in SPACE-Europe.

Pleas get the lore correct.


He’s of Serbian ancestry, happy? His name doesn’t even look German lol


His name doesn’t keep people from insisting that he’s German because of that line “achtung” in the companion app.

Just posting this for easy reference because there really are a lot of stubborn people out there continuing to claim he’s of German ancestry.

If I’m being a little rude or anything at the moment that is just because of temporary sleep deprivation, excuse me if so.


Nah, you’re fine. It can be frustrating I’m sure. If Abe said hola senorita at some point I’m sure they’d think he was of Spanish ancestry.


Don’t think we need another ethnicity thread, we already have the mandatory one you listed above. Along with the inevitable female representation thread.

Not sure why their ethnicity (or sex) should matter in the least, as long as they’re interesting characters. Most of the hunters are not even from Earth so the discussion is kind of moot anyway. :unamused:


Because I wanna play as da girlz…?


No, I do too in most games but I don’t go around complaining about how many girls are in the game compared to how many guys. That’s what I meant LOL. Just kind of sick of political discussions about diversity in video games I guess. I play games to get away from real life crap :smile:

I main Markov because I like playing him. So I’m a girlie girl in real life, playing a big bulky man. Meanwhile my hubby is Caira half the time :relaxed:


Uhh… y’know, Matthew stated he had serbian ancestors, like, two months ago…

And if you’re going for nationality, he’s from Io. Which is a moon of Jupiter if I recall correctly, and is Hub territory


Ze Latsarus man dasnt even haf ze dsherman aktsent!


SlabOMeat’s quote about Lazarus in the Diversity in Evolve thread is from Juli 2014… :wink:

(Seems like that quote is broken in this post of mine :disappointed: )

… here!



Getting confused. Pretty sure I knew that already when Slab said that.

…Yeah…I may have Matthew bookmarked…


Sorry for confusing you, I will not post anything more about this subject. I just got frustrated with all the people insisting that Lazarus = German.

Nothing more. Take care now :slight_smile:


Weird I’ve never heard anyone say he’s german . the consistent claim is that he’s Serbian.

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