The Elite Dangerous thread


Yeah I see how this is going. I’ll watch this space for posts full of profanity and Marco condemnation. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Way ahead of ya mate ^^


I think Marco is the most widely hated figure in Elite, bar none. More than any criminal, human or NPC, more than despots, traitors, corrupt officials, slavers, or Thargoids. And not because he’s a bad person, just because he’s a huge useless obstacle.


Right, I’ve been wondering why he’s hated so much. Yeah, unlocking a permit is a pain, but he isn’t the only permit-locked Engineer (hell, one requires you to either be a backer or have at least a single elite rank). Modular terminals are a pain, true, but so is the mining part for Selene/turner. I guess it’s the fact he’s pretty much useless?


Yeah, anything he can do, someone else can do better. Although, to be fair, those other people are on separate Engineer trees, which you might not have touched.

Lori Jameson, you still have to get through Marco Qwent first. But I doubt anyone cares much about her. She doesn’t seem to offer anything uniquely valuable, nothing you can’t get somewhere else.

But everyone wants Palin. And Qwent is just a grindy gate to Palin.

Also his last name is spelled horribly.


Jameson can be useful for G3 SCB, which, if I have the power for, plan on doing all day every day; quicker discharge with less heat at the cost of more power usage? Yes please. Then again, SCB’s are perfectly fine unmodded, so it’s no big deal really.

And Marco does have the advantage of being slightly more centralised. I don’t plan on ever using a G5 overcharged powerplant, so for that, I can use either Hera or Marco.

But yeah, other than that, he’s pretty much a gatekeeper for Palin it seems :joy:


For those looking for good cash: the current two CG’s (wolfs of jonai trading and bounty hunting) are going crazy fast; it’s a long ways out, but it can earn you a few million for just handing in a single bounty and a single tonne of explosives ^^


Ooohh…I’m gonna be doing that then :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, and a free decal to boot too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m currently sitting at the top 10% for the trading, and the top 50% for the bounties (though I’m gonna spend the entire evening hunting baddies, so that should go up as well)

Currently, partaking in the trade CG nets you a million credits, and the bounty hunting one 300.000. Though, it’s only busy for a day, and we’re already at rank 5 with the trade and rank 4 with the hunting, so expect even higher payouts at the end :slight_smile:


What’s is the threshold at right now?


However, the above can lag by several hours.

Edit: lol, they’re both showing zeros for everything at the moment.


4600 tonnes has put me in the top 10% for trading, and 2.000.000 bounty in the top 50% for combat


What ship are you using for trading? 4600 tonnes is a lot and with my 80 tonnes cargo hold, I’ll probably be happy to just reach the top 50%.


I think he has a Conda.


Commander ToCoSo has been posting these 'shopped screencaps on Reddit, so cool:



Bought this game when it was on sale recently. I’ve been wanting to get it to play in vr. It’s amazing! I’ll have to come back to this thread once I have time to play it more (I’ve only done a few training missions).


As ArPharazon said, got a conda with 454 tonnes of cargo jumping at 30LY at a time. No fuel scoop though, but still a range of 120LY total on one tank, laden ^^


When the game decides to be a knobhead and assign you to a landing pad with a whale on it already, it’s time to whip out the camera suite


I hate when that happens. Usually I just go back out of the station and log back into solo mode.

What did you do? Also how far are you in the CG?

I’m in the top 50% for trading (1100 tonnes) and combat (3M+).


I went back out of the station, canceled docking, and requested a new pad. Worked out fine then ^^

I’m currently (or rather, last time I checked) in the top 10% of both trade and combat, with a little over 10000 tonnes traded and 30M worth of bounties handed in (IIRC, not at the game right now).