The Elite Dangerous thread


Yeah, I know. I just had terrible luck with them. I needed 120 Core Dynamic Composites for the heavy duty HRP’s I did recently (so I needed to pick up 40 units, since one unit counts as 3 mats). Federal System, Boom state, tens of billions of people living in the system. Think I spent about 7-8 hours total. Which is insane. I didn’t spent that much time surface prospecting for 300 Arsenic :joy:


Yes I meant a Combat Trader (not sure why I wrote Explorer…???)


There ya go. Fully engineered obviously, you’d have to play around with the order in which you do what. Also, fair warning, it uses G5 DIrty Drives and 4 G5 Long range weapons. All of which require Cracked Industrial Firmware. Also has a G5 charge enhanced, which uses Exquisite focus crystals which, like said, are bugged, so either wait with upgrading that or go G4 for now.

The pulses are your primary anti-shields, with two rails from time to time (always focus on the rails when the enemy uses a SCB, both rails have Feedback Cascade, which will cripple the enemy’s SCB). I went with long range, since this fully negates the damage drop-off that especially lasers suffer from. Try to roll for heat and/or distributor draw decreasing secondaries if possible.
Then the two multi’s for the hull, backing it up with the pulses and/or rails from time to time (if your distributor can handle it). One of the multi’s has corrosive shell to help rip the hull quicker, combined with high capacity to counter the lower ammo count that corrosive gives (though feel free to ho with overcharged instead, just make sure to get corrosive shell). The other Multi is overcharged, with autoloader. You only need one corrosive (the effect doesn’t stack), and the other special effects aren’t really worth it on this kind of build IMHO.

Oh, and I downgraded the fuel tank to a C3 instead of the standard C5. As long as you plan carefully (as in, only travel via scoopable stars), you should be fine; this way, you have to spend less time fuel scooping, and get a bit more speed and jumprange, but feel free to keep the C5 fuel tank if you don’t feel comfortable downgrading it

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I verified, it got into my inventory.


Also… just say :no_good_man: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry: to Palin


Fair enough. But it has been said IIRC that the droprates are bugged i.e. they should be higher.

And yeah, Palin can go ****** if there’s anything you should upgrade as last, it’s G5 dirty drives. Go with G3 from Farseer until then


THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now I can start my project and it’s going to be top notch :slight_smile:

Also, is 232 MJ of shield "good’? Something tells me it is not amazing.


Remember the resistances?

Scroll down on Coriolis, and go to the ‘Defence’ tab. Here, you can see everything about shields. Changing the pips (which you can also do, right above the four tabs which Defence is part of), you can see it change.

With two pips into SYS, you’re looking at an effective shield strength of about 700 MJ on average, disregarding absolute damage. But an ASP tends to be nimble enough to avoid most PA’s anyways. Also, the shields, if they drop, will be back up and at 50% in under a minute, and will be at full strength again not a minute later


Damn, I hadn’t noticed jump range yet but 37 ly minimum when laden is pretty damn good, although I do prefer having a larger fuel tank as this allows me to just jump around without having to use my fuel scoop as much.

Again, thanks a lot!


Yeah, it’s a matter of choice if you want to spend longer fueling, or to fuel more times, but in shorter bursts.

And no problem ^^ Always feel free to ask questions, I’ll try my best to answer them xD


Considering I would use this ship also to gather materials, I don’t believe it’s a bad thing to switch one of the cargo racks for a planetary vehicle hangar?


Well I’d say it is entirely up to you to define the role of your ship! :smiley:

You’ll carry slightly more weight versus an empty cargo hold. Technically it should reduce your jump range and speed in normal space. But ship the size of the Asp, I’d think the effect would be negligible.


Yeah, go replace a C2 slot with a hangar if you want. You’ll lose 4 tonnes of cargo and not even 0,5 LY jumprange, so IMHO, worth it over the vastly increased utility the SRV gives, especially if you’ll be using it for mat gathering xD


Since I’ve got no experience with passenger missions, how’s this for a beginner’s build?

Only Engineering I’ve added is G5 increased range, since that will probably be the only one I’ll slap on right away; might throw on other’s later


Sure, seems reasonable. I’d rather have a shield booster than a heat sink, never felt the need for one TBH. Also, I’d recommend you drop one of the econo-cabins for a small cargo bay, because some passenger missions award 4 units of Nanobreakers etc.

You’re only set up for bulk passenger missions with all Economy class. I don’t think you can split a party across multiple cabins. You can put multiple groups of Economy passengers in one large economy cabin, if they fit.

So I wonder whether you will be able to ever fully load yourself and take advantage of all those small cabins. And even if you do, unlikely they all want to go to the same destination, and it could be a hassle flying all over the place (unless you plan to find one of those special systems in the far reaches of the Bubble – which sound boring to me because you only go back and forth between the same two points, grindy grind).

Personally, I’d trade two of the small cabins for cargo space, so you can run the occasional light hauling mission alongside passengers.

Bulk passenger missions are always the same. Shuttle a party to a destination and you’re done. (Occasionally, they might have someone after them.)

I’d trade one of the larger economy cabins for business class or first class. That opens you up for VIP passengers, which will offer you a lot more variety. They also pay much better, and grant more reputation than does ferrying the peasantry.

Edit: I’d also put a regular 4A shield gen on rather than bi-weave. You’re not going to be fighting, you’ve got no weapons. You should be running away if attacked, and if so, you want your shields to stay up, and if they go down, you won’t be waiting around for them to come back up again.


Right, gotcha. So something like this then?

I’m keeping the Heat sink, since I prefer to have a safety switch when I mess up fuel scooping or something (never happens, but just in case). I’m not getting interdicted, ever, so I’m not all too worried about taking fire.


Looks good to me! :+1:

Last thought. Some passenger missions are basically exploration trips. If you think there’s a chance you might accept those, then you may want Advanced Discovery Scanner/Detailed Surface Scanner. Up to you whether you want to mix “modes” like that. You might want to try the other missions first, see if you like passenger hauling at all. Or you could wait on those missions until you move up to a bigger ship with more slots.

Also the DSS, of course, only gives you a boost to exploration payouts, it isn’t required. You can still do a detailed scan without it.

Last time I did one of those missions, my exploration payouts were worth more than the reward for the passenger mission. :sweat_smile:


I’m mostly looking for a starter, to see what all this passenger hauling is about.

Also, because you can farm modular terminals by doing passenger missions in high tech systems apparently. :joy:


modular terminals

You… you’re not…??? :fearful:

Just kidding, why the hell not. :grin:


I was thinking of that. Though really, I’m now chugging along with my current roadmap, and after that, I’ll have some ‘spare time’ again. Which I can fill with bounty hunting for Sirus Corp :wink: