The Elite Dangerous thread


Sweet candy.

I love that ice rings are no longer seen as a waste of time!

I’m not getting in as much time as I’d like, but EDSM says I’m currently 4,247.71 LY from Sol. My Asp gets 55 LY per jump easy (with six full hardpoints, hehe), so covering distance is more convenient than before. What really slows me down is the temptation to scan the systems I pass through. I’ve decided my current plan is to visit a couple of famed locations in the Formidine Rift, before crossing over to the Outer Arm, whereupon I’ll follow it north.


Got back into this game a few days ago and I’m enjoying it more now that I found a way to make money easier and faster

Started again with the Asp Explorer, shortly upgraded to the Alliance Chieftain and now I have a pimped out Python which is gonna make me even more money :smile:


So I was going back to buy an Anaconda and kinda ran out of fuel apparently since the only stars were these purple ones or the really red ones and you can’t fuel scoop them :frowning:


See if you have enough fuel to plot a jump to the nearest scoopable star. If you’re flat empty, then call the Fuel Rats.

When you plot a course, the last scoopable star before you run out of fuel will be highlighted and called out as “FUEL STAR”. I believe this should also be called out to you on the HUD as you’re jumping to it.

In general, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the stellar class of the star you’re jumping to. Only Main Sequence stars are scoopable: classes O, B, A, F, G, K, M. (Popular mnemonics for remembering these are “Oh, Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me”, and “KGB FOAM”.)

It’s possible to filter the Galaxy Map by stellar class, if you choose.


Also, drop out of supercruise, before you use up what’s in your reserve tank (the thin bar above the empty thick main tank bar). If you use up your reserve tank too, your power plant will shut down, and you’ll be on emergency life support air, which means you’ll die in a few minutes.

Drop to normal space, come to a stop, power down non-essential systems. Leave life support on!


Yea I wasn’t checking the map like I was on the way to where I was making my money so that’s why I ran out since I wasn’t paying enough attention :sweat_smile:

Was literally just looking at that filter setting and was thinking “what ones are scoopable” and alt-tabbed to see your reply right on time :laughing:

So will having these options selected mean that it only plots a route to systems that have these stars?


By itself, no, it’ll just de-highlight the un-selected star types. But there is a second checkbox down below, called “Filter route by selection” or some such, which does what you asked.


I have that toggled on in the screenshot but for some reason it only shows the whole picture when you click on it

I feel a lot safer with these toggled on now though :smile:

Made it there safely now and now own an Anaconda :smile:


Oh, sorry yeah, I didn’t click in. Yeah looks good.

So, how did you escape? You actually had enough fumes in the main tank to jump? Or you called the Rats?


I self-destructed :sweat_smile:

Completely forgot about the Fuel Rats but I wasn’t bothered about spending 3m for re-buy