The Elite Dangerous thread


Good to know as well!
Guess we’re all going dirty then :wink:


It should be noted btw, that Exquisite Focus Crystals seem to be bugged; they pretty much don’t show up as mission rewards (personally, I think it’s dumb you can only get them from mission rewards to begin with, but alas). So no G5 Charge Enhanced Power Distributors for now :emetangry:


I have also heard that. I feel sure I’ve found them by destroying high ranking pirates, or finding them at USSes, but I’m still on the lookout. I need them too :confounded:


I’ve got like… 8 right now.

I was planning on upgrading the entire fleet with G5 charge enhanced PD’s. Meaning, 300 rolls at the very least.

I’ll leave that for last I guess…


I’ve got one. As usual, don’t remember where I got it. Still looking for CIF, of which I have zero.

Good Lord, man. Life’s too short. I typically go with something like best of three rolls. Lot better than it was? Good, I’m done.

Edit: But don’t let me stop you. Just talking about my own limit of patience, not trying to be a judgmental a-hole. :smile:


No worries xD

Usually, if I’m going fleet wide, I go for about 300 rolls. Otherwise, about 30-60 rolls per module, depending on if I need to search High Grade Emissions for a material in that blueprint.

It gives you some very nice results though:

These are my current FAS and Vulture builds. I just got done rolling G5 Heavy duty on all the hull reinforcement packages in those two builds (1D for the Vulture, and 5D, 4D, 4D and 2D for the FAS). 120 rolls in total. And I’m very hapy with the results. Sure, the weight could be lower on some of them, but the boosts (both in raw hull and resistances) are insane. And I used all 120 rolls to get that. So I consider it worth it ^^


Nice, that FAS must be a beast, hard as nails.

I never realized Vulture has only two hardpoints. And for the shield being C-rated, over 500 MJ is surprisingly strong.

Edit: 51 LY jump range?!? That can’t be right?


On the Vulture? I believe you’re confusing the total range on one tank with the single jump distance. They both have a jumprange of about 18LY.

It is. but then again, G3 Dirty Drives as well.I barely get hit to begin with xD

Yup, 5C Bi-weaves, with two Shield boosters. Currently an 0A and an 0B due to power issues, but they’re going to both be 0A’s. Resistance augmented, to keep the recharge low while still heavily boosting the effective MJ’s


Indeed I was. That’s cool that it calculates that for you.

G3 Dirty Drives as well.I barely get hit to begin with

I would have thought it’d be slow with all that armor, even with engineered thrusters. Damn FAS’s, they are tough opponents, I’ve been ripped apart by them before.


Combine it with an insane Charge Enhanced G2 PD, and I never run out of boost. And since I don’t have shields, no pips into SYS needed. 0-3-3

constant boosts, and constant fire; the only limiting factor right now is heat (PA’s run hot!), but one of my next massive engineer sprees is going to be PA’s, so that heat issue should lessen a lot soon ^^


Oh yeah… :eyes:

Did you consider a weapon focused or engine focused PD? And then put pips in the other one to compensate? Cuz SYS recharge is wasted? Just an idea.


Not gonna do that, sadly. I’m running a G2 charge enhanced now, and already got a higher recharge rate than I would with a perfect G3 Engine or Weapon focused PD. Going to G5 charge enhanced, you can easily get to a 40% increased recharge, even as high as 48% (if you sold your soul to the devil beforehand). Meanwhile, the capacity loss of both x-focused PD and Charge enhanced PD is 4% at the very least.

So, to set it in a nice list (comparing G5 Charge enhanced vs G3 Engine or Weapon focused PD)

  • If I go Engine focused, I only gain half the recharge in my ENG pip compared to Charge enhanced, while losing both capacity and recharge in my WEP and SYS
  • If I go Weapon focused, I only gain half the recharge in my WEP pip compared to Charge enhanced, while losing both capacity and recharge in my ENG and SYS
  • If I go Charge enhanced, I get double the recharge in WEP, ENG and SYS compared to x-focused, while losing the same capacity.

My rule of thumb is:

  • If your ship only has use out of one of the three main systems (Shields, Engines and Weapons), go for the PD mod that focuses on that one.
  • If your ship has two or more of the main three systems, go charge enhanced.

Meaning, only explorers really benefit from, in this case, engine focused. Since they have no use out of either weapons or shields (they can carry them, sure, but their main focus isn’t dealing or soaking up damage).


Game is currently on sale on Steam, $35 for deluxe edition (includes Horizons expansion).


I go with 30 rolls as well for each module, taking the best result I get (which, most of the time, is satisfying enough)

Looks like a great Vulture build! Might even steal that one from you (muhaha). Although I would probably change the multicannon and beam laser for 2x Pacifiers (Double Shot - Drag Munition).

Did I miss anything else? Still need to understand some of the lingo @Lordderp is using


Mind you, that isn’t the final plan for the build. I’ll be running two APA’s once I can engineer both my Powerplant and the PA’s (due to power issues)

Double frag cannons can be insane as well. Pacifiers have a tighter spread, but do slightly less damage. On a ship like the Vulture (which is very manoeuvrable, and thus, can easily control the range of engagement), I’d go with normal Frags, since you’ll be able to get (and stay) close enough for the full spread of the Frags to hit, which will end up in more damage compared to Pacifiers. If you’re not comfortable with pulling that off though, go Pacifiers. They’re the safer option :slight_smile:

As for mods, the only three that are really worth it are:

  • Double shot: loose a tiny bit of range, but doubled clip size, and thus, buffs your burst ROF
  • Overcharged: raw damage increase, at the cost of clip size and increased distributor draw
  • Rapid fire: lower distributor draw and faster reload, at the cost of damage, ROF, and a slight increase in jitter

As for the experimental effects, the following are most worth it:

  • Drag munitions: Ships hit will fly as if they have 0 pips into ENG. Has no drawbacks.
  • Screening Shell: increases effectiveness against munitions (meaning you can shoot down missiles and the like better), and decreases reload time by 50%. Has no drawbacks.

What combo to take? Depends. However, if you want to deal disgusting amounts of damage, go with Rapid Fire+Screening Shell. This allows for absolutely horrific amounts of DPS.(Check this example of a full Frag cannon FGS VS an heavily engineered Corvette). Bring materials for ammo synthesis for long missions though, since you’ll burn through ammo quicker than Greece does through bailout money


Found some nice tutorials by the way (mostly combat focused, but the forth tutorial is a nice guide for non-fighters)


Oh I know Massive D! Seen some of his Youtube videos before, mostly on where to find certain materials.

I also suspect he is Dutch, for some odd reason (or perhaps I am confusing him with DowntoEarthAstronomy).


DowntoEarth is Danish IIRC. And yeah, D doesn’t sound like a native speaker, but he hasn’t got that typical Dutch accent though, so hard to say.

Then again, all the Dutch people I’ve heard speak English so far are either accent-less, or full on Dutch-English. So I don’t have a lot of reference material xD


I feel like a trucker.


Tip: set your pips (the three bars, ENG-SYS-WEP) to 2-4-0, and if you’re being attacked for some reason, 4-2-0.

You don’t need to put anything into WEP, since you won’t be fighting. Putting 4 pips into ENG means you go the fastest, are the most manoeuvrable, and can boost the most, while the 2 pips into SYS keep your shields nice and strong.
When taking fire, putting 4 pips into SYS and 2 into ENG means your shields are the strongest, while also keeping plenty of speed to GTFO :slight_smile: