The Elite Dangerous thread


I’m waiting for the beta to be complete before spewing all my excitement all over the place, but I still just wanna post this…



I’ve been noticing this little thing besides the obvious stuff. See how the thrusters fired to counter the ship being pushed away? :heart: Also I love how the dust is subject to lighting.

My problem now is, my mining Dropship has only five hardpoints. I wanted to keep the weapons. :anguished:


Not exactly my thing, but I have to admit, damn sexy

@TheMountainThatRoars if you have a heart that pumps blood, watch this and tell me you are unmoved. :laughing:

No better time to start playing than, say, two weeks after the update drops (so they have time to fix the inevitable launch day bugs, lol)


I’ve already got a build planned for it :joy: EDSY has preliminary stats for it, so it might change, but it’s looking pretty solid. 500m/s normal speed and over 600m/s boost, 25ly range, strong shields and 3 PA’s with 2 rails to counter shields and snipe modules… it’s looking fiiiiiiiine. Plus, I can transfer a lot of the stuff from my FDL, so that’s nice.

Same goes for the Phantom, gonna be setting that up as a pirate: 80t of booty to haul, similair speeds to make up for the shoddy shields and hull, good range, and still all the stuff on-board for pirate stuffs (FSD bombs, Seekers, Hatch and Collector limpets, etc). Gonna refit my Python for cargo again.

Overall, I’m hyped :slight_smile:


So far, I’ve spent two or three hours with the new update. Lots of new keybindings and some fire groups to set up. Struggled a bit figuring out how to work the new exploration tools, how to use them and how to map the controls (training video was offered but not working). Got a bug a couple times where all my inputs were disabled, logging to main menu and back is a workaround.

After all that, I started to get more comfortable using the new mechanics, and after logging out, I suddenly recognized sublime nerd joy.

After you’ve played a game for maybe 800 hours, you’ve probably done almost everything a few times, and it’s still enjoyable maybe but not exactly exciting, more like tinkering with a hobby.

After I logged off the last session, I found myself thinking about what I’m going to do the next time I play, and what I’m going to do after that! I have plans, some specific and some vague, mining and exploration, and I’m excited to start them!

The new exploration tools have a learning curve for sure, but they are damn cool! Great job FDev!

The update to lighting is often subtle, and I’m sure I’ll be able to find things wrong with it, but – it’s a definite improvement. I can’t wait to go more places with new eyes. In certain spots I’ve seen, it makes a huge difference. For example, my favorite ice mining ring. The system’s main star is a brown dwarf. The ring is on the outmost planet. And now, when I drop in there, it’s dark. And it should be, the weak sun of the system is small and far away, just a bright star from that vantage point, and instead of the old bright daylight, now it’s a dim, cold twilight. But in different places, it can be searing bright and hot. So good!

I am going to refit my old Cobra Mk IV for the new mining! After I understand it better, I’ll be able to figure out what to do with my Dropship.

And I’m gonna take the Asp out of the Bubble and explore!

omg I’m gushing.


You take the words right out of my mouth.

I spent some time fiddling with controls, and when I jumped in, I was in my Corvette. Rushing home, I suddenly remembered that all ships now come with the normal scanner by default (only the detailed surface scanner is around now as a module), so there I went, throttled down and went into the scanner. And oh boi, is it amazing. It feels amazing having to tune to frequencies, zooming in, getting scans… and once I got into my dedicated explorer and got close enough to a planet, the DSS was amazing as well. The shooting of probes and stuff all feels natural and smooth, and is so much fun. Managed to just tag a few planets in our home system before some random douchenozzle took them all :roll_eyes:

Graphics looks great as well. Actually finally got to the point I had to turn all my ‘ultra’s’ to ‘high’, feelsbadman :joy:

Also got a Mamba and fitted it with a lot of stuff from my FDL. Lovely ship, though the heat is a bit of an issue. Was planning on running 3 PA’s, but I guess it’s a cannon and two frags instead. Though, they did mention a buff already coming in, so who knows.

Overall an amazing update. Stable as well, haven’t had any issues whatsoever so far (apart from the server shitting themselves yesterday :joy:)


You know the surface geological features like geysers? I’d only ever seen them by doing passenger exploration missions. People had to literally fly a couple km up over 1:1 scale planets and moons looking for these things by eyeball.

My personal mining spot near the Alliance Old Worlds, I went there to map it first. (And the rings have Painite and Mozanite hotspots, holy shit.) I thought, why not map the moons while I’m here. First one I picked, mapped the tiny moon with 2 probes, and up come 17 geological POIs. 17?!? I approach one and scan it with the Composition Scanner. Sulfur vent. It goes into the Codex automatically. Now anyone can see it’s there. Holy shit this is so much better.


I saw some new stuff on Reddit, and people asked where to find it. OP replied with ‘just look in your CODEX, it’s all there’

It’s amazing. If one person finds it, everyone can go see it. Such a massive improvement


It was my intent to do this everywhere possible. But it’s not feasible for me to do much. Only get an hour here and there at odd times, so the best stuff has already been grabbed.

But I got a couple of bodies First Mapped in Teorge, that feature Listening Posts with lore significance.


Oh I totally get what he did. I would’ve done the same thing, like you. But it’s a bit of a pain because it’s our system, and we wanted to divide it among ourselves. Now a random schmuck who doesn’t even come to these regions has his name plastered over our house :stuck_out_tongue:


Understood. Just try to think of it like one of these, I guess


Hopped into Seeking Truesilver, fitted all the new mining equipment, launch! Oh wait. I forgot the Pulse Wave Analyzer. Well I wanted to trade out a turreted charge launcher for fixed anyway, I’ll stop by the nearest High Tech system.

Got ‘em. Off we go to the ice ring I mapped ahead of time! …huh. No hotspots. Do they expire? I need a Detailed Surface Scanner.

Ok I’m back! Launch probe! …what? No bloody hotspots? Fine, I’ll go to my regular Metallic ring, it’s only a jump away.

Here we are! Let’s try that Monazite hotspot! Dropping in… Fire a pulse… let’s try that rock there. …I forgot to bring any limpets!!! I need a damn prospector limpet — oh I can synthesize them if I have the mats on hand. Yes. The hunt is on!

Warning: Servers shutting down in 30 minutes.

I just barely had time to locate a Monazite rock and try out the tools. But it was pretty neat!!! :smile:


So, apart from being fun, this deep core mining pays quite well too :joy:

EDIT: After another haul (10mil with some random bits and bobs, probs 12mil total), the Python seems to be one of the best ships to do this. What I found works best:

  • Search for a crackable asteroid; on the pulse scanner, look for the most intense yellow-highlighted asteroids. A prospector tells you if it has a core or not
  • Once you find one, mine it empty with basic mining lasers. On my Python, 2 medium ones do that nice and quickly
  • Then, see if there’s any surface deposits, and mine them using the abrasion blaster. My size 1 underslung under the nose is fine for this
  • Next, look for any subsurface deposits. If there are any, mine them with a subsurface missile. I use a single medium one in the left large hardpoint, takes a bit of getting used to the aiming but it works wonders.
  • Then, the cracking. Start out with max charge charges, and work from there to get the optimum amount of power. The strength of the fissure tells you how much a charge will contribute to the total (low strength means a high charge will have massive impact, high strength means high charge will barely dent it). If needed, you can disarm previous charges to balance it out. The two minutes given are easily enough, both in my Python and T9
  • After the asteroid is cracked, gather the loose bits with collectors, and scrape the insides clean with the abrasion blaster (be careful not to overload your collectors, don’t want to lose anything!)

That, I found, gives the best yield for asteroids. I’m not sure if it’s worth it yet to stripmine every asteroid, but purely hunting for crackable ones is surely worth it.


For sure! Also, it’s essential to mine in an area where you’ve visited lots of commodities markets. Then you can use the Galaxy Map with the Commodity Import Price filter to find the best price. In the past, Industrial economies in Boom state have paid me double or triple the normal going rate. (!!!)

I’m not sure if it’s worth it yet to stripmine every asteroid

Wut. Dude there are infinite asteroids :laughing: Also 95% of the rocks are full of junk. Just grab the good stuff!


I repainted my Asp in (what I think of as) explorer white, and set out on an exploration trip, “west”.

Departing from Farseer’s base in Deciat:

I stumbled across my first (Proto) Lagrange Clouds with these things growing inside:

Finished the session ~1500 LY from the Bubble at an undiscovered A-class star. Found these myself! All hail Sir Braben!


Lucky for me I’m based in an industrial station, and we’re about to head into boom :slight_smile:



A bit hot here maybe

Btw I know you all are probably like yeah, yeah fumaroles we get it, but seriously these things were so hard to find before. Just wait, one of these days I’ll post a picture of liquid geysers instead of gas vents and you’ll be :exploding_head: lol


Knowing your obsession with chilies, I’m not surprised.


So we’ve just hit boom, and eh…

(also sold 15 low temp diamonds for nearly 10mil)