The Elite Dangerous thread


I’m waiting for the beta to be complete before spewing all my excitement all over the place, but I still just wanna post this…



I’ve been noticing this little thing besides the obvious stuff. See how the thrusters fired to counter the ship being pushed away? :heart: Also I love how the dust is subject to lighting.

My problem now is, my mining Dropship has only five hardpoints. I wanted to keep the weapons. :anguished:


Not exactly my thing, but I have to admit, damn sexy

@TheMountainThatRoars if you have a heart that pumps blood, watch this and tell me you are unmoved. :laughing:

No better time to start playing than, say, two weeks after the update drops (so they have time to fix the inevitable launch day bugs, lol)


I’ve already got a build planned for it :joy: EDSY has preliminary stats for it, so it might change, but it’s looking pretty solid. 500m/s normal speed and over 600m/s boost, 25ly range, strong shields and 3 PA’s with 2 rails to counter shields and snipe modules… it’s looking fiiiiiiiine. Plus, I can transfer a lot of the stuff from my FDL, so that’s nice.

Same goes for the Phantom, gonna be setting that up as a pirate: 80t of booty to haul, similair speeds to make up for the shoddy shields and hull, good range, and still all the stuff on-board for pirate stuffs (FSD bombs, Seekers, Hatch and Collector limpets, etc). Gonna refit my Python for cargo again.

Overall, I’m hyped :slight_smile: