The Elite Dangerous thread


Oh! Nice, I didn’t even realize. :smile:

Haha, yeah, I have no clue when it comes to ship types and what they’re good at. I simply bought the Eagle and never looked back. xD

I just recently upgraded it with a 3A FSD, so my jump range is currently 18.76 (19.35). I have no idea if that is considered a lot or if it’s just outright terrible when compared with other ships. I also just recently bought myself a 1A fuel scoop, so that I don’t have to constantly dock to continue my adventures… and a scoop takes no time at all, so that’s nice! :sweat_smile: But yeah, I’ll totally look into that Hauler if it’s better suited for exploration.

Had to look up a video of that just now, and oh my… that looks absolutely terrifying! I definitely need to try this for sure! :fire: :rocket:


You could get more like a 30 LY jump range from a Hauler, exploration fitted. But at the cost of having basically no combat capability, poor canopy view, derpy engine sound, and maybe some damage to your pride. :smile:

Eagle Mk II is basically the most maneuverable jump-capable fighter. You don’t want to take many hits in it, though, so use that agility.

What do you like to do in the game besides explore? Would you rather have multiple ships for different tasks, or just one jack of all trades?

I definitely need to try this for sure!

Don’t forget the classic infographic on the subject:

Know where the exclusion zone is, and don’t go near. Enter the jets halfway out, facing out. Be sure it’s not a white dwarf, they are notorious killers!


BGS people should have a lot to chew on there. Scenarios look cool, hopefully there will be a lot of them? But the general feeling I get is this is an attempt to make USS, CZs, megaships etc. more interesting and meaningful (things you do there tie back into the BGS).


Well, for the most part, I’ve simply stuck with exploration and data delivery missions whenever I could get away with it. ( *Shakes fist at navy missions for forcing me to try new things. * )

But yeah, I’ll definitely buy different ships for different purposes.

It’s not uncommon that I stack up 10+ data delivery missions all at once, which usually means I end up getting chased by a hitman when I reach a target system. The Eagle has been pretty good at wiggling me out of their interdictions though, so I think I’ll stick with that one for that type of job.

But, then I’ll buy that Hauler for when I want to go explore areas that are far away from Sol. :sun_with_face:
… oh, and then there’s the Federal Assault Ship that you talked about. I’m thinking about buying one of those and get started with some bounty hunting.

Anyway, first things first! I need to go buy that Hauler, and then It’s time to go tango with a neutron star! :skull:

And before I forget, some pictures of HIP 63835! (I’m putting these in spoilers, just in case you guys want to go there yourself, which I totally recommend!)

Pretty underwhelming screenshots, I know.
[Edit: Putting images in spoiler tags totally mess up the image quality, which definitely doesn’t help xD ]
You can hardly see the twin black holes in the pictures, so yeah, you gotta go there yourself for the optimal experience!

There should be a black hole here somewhere in this last picture as well, but it’s so very close to that behemoth of a star, and I just didn’t have a large enough pair to go much closer to investigate.


The Federal ships are rather pricey though. I’ve been guessing from the Eagle that cost might be an issue at this stage? Thus my Hauler recommendation. If you have enough for a Federal ship, forget the Hauler and explore in a Diamondback Explorer or an Asp Explorer. :smiley:

But if you are just starting out, you can bounty hunt in the Eagle. Just don’t take on anyone too highly ranked, or in too big a ship. Or, the Imperial Eagle is a slight upgrade (trading some maneuverability for speed and a heavier weapon mount), and the Viper Mk III is a direct and clear upgrade (in speed, weapons, and toughness) — while still coming at a reasonable cost.

Bring a fuel scoop! Needed for supercharge. Scoop from the jet, once supercharged, get clear. Then plot a course to a star 4x your normal jump range away!


Haha, yikes! You’re totally right. I’m gonna need something much better than data delivery missions if I want to rake in enough benjis for a federal ship. I probably should’ve checked ship prices before trying to make plans, lmao. xD

The Diamondback Explorer, however, that’s much more doable. Gonna need to do some more missions to afford it, sure, but it shouldn’t take too long.


If credits are tight, give the Vulture a go instead. The Federal Assault Ship is pretty much a Vulture on crack, so starting with a Vulture is a great way of getting the gripes of these kinds of ships (read, highly agile DPS beasts) for a lower price. Plus, it’s the closest you can get to an A-wing (big guns and even bigger engines with a cockpit strapped to it) in Elite Dangerous, so there’s that :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, it’s a great way to dip your toes into engineering: the only big downside the Vulture has is very limited power capacity, so if you think about getting one, I advise to unlock Felicity Farseer as well. She is by far the best tier 1 engineer, and probably one of the best engineers overall. Not only will you be able to beef up your powerplant with a tier 1 overcharged mod (12% more power!), you’ll also be able to get a faster ship in both normal space (tier 3 thrusters) and witchspace (tier 5 FSD)


For planning: My DBX, outfitted, cost about 18 million. Now, you don’t need A-rated thrusters, distributor, or power plant, so you could do it cheaper. You can D-rate all those for a pure explorer. Point is, don’t forget the equipment you need to make the ship what it should be, costs more than the base hull.


Yeah, if you had an A-wing the size of a small apartment building. :laughing:

Felicity Farseer is bae. If you only talk to one Engineer, go see that old lady.

But, I think CMDR Bot might still need to experience the early game a bit more before diving into the deep end.


@LordDerp, and any other Commanders who can survive in a Combat Zone, please come to Fuelum and help! Be sure to side with The Fuel Rats Mischief!


It took me a while to find a CZ for the war that matters (there are two other wars going on in the same system, wtf), but I blew up a bunch of Constitution Party ships.

It is reported to move the needle more if you collect a few combat bonds and cash them in, repeatedly, than if you do it all in one big session.


Credit: /u/Mat-2596


Indeed. IIRC the most efficient way of both influence and credits earned is between 100k-300k worth of bonds at a time.




Our faction’s BGS nuthead expert had warned us beforehand to not expect this to win, since the swing that had to happen was enormous, or else he would eat his HOTAS

In other news, our BGS expert is gonna eat a HOTAS :joy:


It’s good to hear that the Fuel Rats won! :slight_smile: Who were they fighting though? Was it some NPC faction? I just don’t see why anyone would want to take their home. D:


No, some player group worked the BGS to unseat the Fuel Rats’ faction. This wouldn’t have affected their operations in any way, other than morale — the faction is just symbolic for them.

They appealed to the community for help, and the community responded in a huge way. Moving the needle that far over a day or two, I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but after two days the situation was reversed, with The Fuel Rats Mischief firmly planted in the seat of power in that system.


So are the Fuel Rats secure now for a while or could this possibly repeat itself over time? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, both, I’d say. Last I saw, they were leading in Influence by 20 or 30 percentage points. Unless they, whoever they are, have thousands of players working on it (they don’t), it should take longer to push the needle back the other way.

But just like before, they could certainly do it, given time and a lack of opposition. However, I suspect more eyes will be on Fuelum now.


“For the lulz” is the most likely reason. Or “because we can”. Some people enjoy evil deeds in-game.

Remember when someone started UA bombing the Dove Enigma megaship? There too, the player community pulled it out of the fire.